EFT Tapping-Calm Your Inner Lifeguard

EFT Tapping Technique to Calm Down that Internal Party Pooper

EFT tapping, or Emotional Freedom Tapping, is the best tool I’ve come across for releasing the resistance that keeps you from going for your dreams.  There is a part of us that I call the Inner Lifeguard whose job is to keep us safe.  And this Inner Lifeguard blocks us from taking any sort of emotional risk.

Emotional Tapping to the rescue.

This tapping technique is a form of tapping that calms the resistance from your Inner Lifeguard.  Then your resources, creativity and passion for life can dive right in.

For a little background to this page, see the previous articles, #1:  Your Inner Lifeguard, and #2:  Playing Safe and Small.

The short version of my story is that I’m in the process of selling my house, letting go of most all of my possessions, leaving my forms of income and leaving the country to travel.  This move has brought up lots of inner resistance – hence my new relationship with the Inner Lifeguard!

What Does Your Inner Lifeguard Want?

Your Inner Lifeguard will throw up resistance to such things as…

  • starting a new business,
  • beginning a creative project,
  • selling your house, letting go of everything you own, quitting your job, moving out of the country,
  • starting to meditate, write, paint – or any creative endeavor,
  • exercising or dieting consistently or
  • making a commitment of the heart, such as marriage or having a child.

Your Inner Lifeguard is the reason why you lose interest in projects or why you may feel suddenly sleepy when starting to work on that new project.  It can even make you sick just before that big opportunity.

Here’s how I tapped, using the Growing Up EFT Tapping Technique.  (Click this link if you need a tapping points refresher.)

I got my EFT affirmations by saying:  It won’t be safe to let go of my possessions, because…

The answers I got are the following tapping phrases I used (see the previous Inner Lifeguard post for more details on this).

I started with Dumping:

Karate Chop:

Even though it’s not safe to let go of my possessions, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I won’t know who I am if I let go of my possessions, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I can’t let go of my possessions because they are an essential part of me, I accept myself and all my feelings.

EFT Affirmations on the Tapping Points:

I can’t let go of my possessions!

It’s not safe.

My possessions are part of me.

Who will I be without my possessions.

I won’t recognize myself without my possessions.

I need these possessions to feel safe.

I can’t let go of them.

I won’t be safe if I let go of my possessions.

Then I took a deep breath and tuned in again.

I suddenly remembered a wonderful feeling I’d had many times in my life.  When I’ve gone on backpacking trips, or bicycling trips or kayaking trips, all I needed was packed into a small space that I could carry, peddle or paddle.  And it felt so good!  So freeing.

I even remembered commenting to my companions about how I loved that feeling of simplicity and self-sufficiency.  I loved knowing that I could be whole and happy with just the items I could carry.  That I didn’t need all those other things at home to be happy.

Then I tapped the Dreaming round.

I tapped…

I remember the wonderful feeling of being happy with just what I could carry.

I love that feeling of freedom.

I love that feeling of self-sufficiency.

I love feeling happy and free and capable.

What if I could feel that same feeling when I let go of my possessions?

What if I could let go of my things and still feel safe?

What if I am much more than my possessions?

Wouldn’t it be great if I could let go of nearly everything and still feel safe?

Another deep breath.  I was feeling better and better.

Ready for the Deciding round.

I tapped…

I have decided I can feel safe and free when I let go of most of my stuff.

I choose to remember how good it feels to have all I need right with me.

I have decided to look forward to letting go of all my stuff.

I choose to remember that wonderful feeling of freedom and joy and self-sufficiency.

I have decided I’m not defined by my stuff.  I’m much more.

I choose to look forward to that feeling of freedom.

I have decided I don’t need all the stuff I’ve accumulated.

I choose to know that I’m safe – and powerful – no matter what I own.

This is a simple tapping technique you can use whenever you are feeling any kind of resistance.  If you feel blocked, stuck, lazy, resentful, exhausted, distracted or in any way hesitant to move forward with something you want to do – try using this safety statement and see what comes up.

“It’s not safe to ________, because…”

Here’s your take-away.

It is possible to listen to your Inner Lifeguard, learn from him and move beyond his limitations.  When you do that, you’ll increase your vibrancy, your aliveness and raise your vibration in all areas of your life.



p.s. In case you want more of the back story, the first article in this series introduces the Inner Lifeguard, the second begins the process of learning to calm him.

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