Good Thoughts About Life – How to Think Them When You’re Grouchy

Ninja Mind Trick to Stop Negative Thinking

I bet you’re a positive person . . . and want to stay as positive as you can and think good thoughts about life.


But do you sometimes catch yourself feeling negative…

…even though you want to be happy, upbeat and thinking positive thoughts.

This, my friend, is a place I’ve been often enough  to create a ninja mind trick just to fix it.

Not being able to change your mood when you feel grouchy can FEEL BAD, not to mention mess up your relationships and limit your business success.

In this video, I share the method I created to trick your mind into feeling happy, even when you’re grouchy.

Tricking Your Mind into Thinking Good Thoughts About Life

In the comments below, I’d love to hear two things.

First, tell me how you applied this technique and how it worked for you.

Next, share any other methods you use to trick your mind into being positive when you’re feeling grouchy.

Because whether you get grouchy sometimes or not, we all need methods to get into a more positive space. It makes all of life better.

Special EFT Bonus!

My friends Carol Look and Nick Ortner are giving away some a couple of powerful videos on using EFT for two common challenges.

Watch the video on using for pain relief.

Watch the video on tapping for food cravings.



loving my new friends in green, green Ithaca, New York

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