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How to Visualize So It Works – And the 4 Reasons Why It Often Doesn’t

You know all about the Law of Attraction, right?

You know that visualization is one of the top methods to draw things, people and experiences into your life.

You may even already know a lot about how to visualize.

But are you aware of the four things that block your visualizations from working?

These four things are:

1.  Giving up too soon. Not visualizing for a long enough span of days, weeks or months.

2. Infrequency.  Not visualizing often enough.

3. Flat emotion.  Your visualizations are lacking in the emotional intensity that creates the attraction.

4. Mental and emotional blocks.  This is by far the biggest obstacle to finding success through visualization and where negative thinking comes in.

Each of these is of critical importance if you are creating or using your personal Mind Movie.

Let’s look at each element individually.

1. Giving Up Too Soon

Abraham Hicks used to tell a story about taking a road trip from Phoenix to San Diego.

In this story, you would get part way to San Diego, to Yuma, and get discouraged.

You’d say things like, “I’ll never get to San Diego.  This just isn’t working.  I’m giving up and going back to Phoenix.”

Esther/Abraham equated that with giving up too soon on our dreams and goals.

She said  we often gave up on a dream just before it is about to manifest, which is just like heading toward San Diego and turning back just before arriving.

Again, from Abraham Hicks…

If you are willing to let your improved emotional state be the evidence of your progress, then the progress will continue; you will continue to feel even better, and the tipping point will come where physical evidence can be seen.

But if you look too soon for the evidence, and you do not yet find it, you will lose Vibrational ground.  The need to see the immediate evidence of progress is the most significant hindrance to most people.

When you attempt to take score of your progress too soon, you move further from the results you seek.


Tip #1:  Keep visualizing, keep dreaming, keep intending and expecting until your dream comes true.  Let your happier state be your evidence that your dream is approaching.


2. Not Visualizing Often Enough

The problem with this is that you let your vision slip from your awareness.

Your dream is no longer part of your vibration or field of possibilities.

It’s not as if you must constantly focus on the things you want to manifest, but it’s important to keep returning to them, so they remain in your field of probable futures.

One of the ways I keep my dreams in my awareness is to write them.  I have 10 goals for the year 2011.  They span the range of health, relationships, income and business.

Most days, one of my quick activities is to write down my 10 goals.  When I began this, I couldn’t remember what they all were and had to refer to my original list several times during the writing.

Now, they are all easily recalled.

This activity keeps my goals fresh in my mind and encourages me to take action on them.

Here’s a small example of how remembering one of my goals influenced my behavior.

Wednesday at 1:00 there is a woman’s group that meets for lunch here on the south end of Phuket island in Thailand.

I was invited to attend by a German woman I see on my early morning beach walks and I went last week for the first time. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting the group of around 12 woman from Germany, Sweden and the UK.

Yesterday was Wednesday.  I hadn’t completed the writing work I wanted to accomplish and was thinking of skipping the group.

But then I remembered that one of my goals is to have three good woman friends.  That tipped the scale for me and I went to the lunch.

If I hadn’t been writing my goals daily to remind myself, I likely would have skipped the lunch and weakened my attraction to that goal.

Visualization does not need to be a time-consuming act.  It can be as quick as a few minutes during any space in your day.

You’re already visualizing all the time, why not add some intentional visualization into your day?

Tip #2:  Frequently visualize your dreams coming true


3. Flat Emotion While Visualizing

Emotions are the lighter fluid to the fire of your dreams.

Without emotion, nothing would ever happen in this world.

Have you heard that people who are unable to feel emotions are incapable of making decisions?  Emotions help us know what feels good and what feels bad, enabling us to discriminate.

If you know how to visualize, but find you’re doing it with very little emotion, the vibration you’re putting out is weak.

It’s not that nothing will happen for you, but what you get will match your emotional intensity – and it may not match your vision.

One of the easiest ways to increase the positive emotion associated to your visualizations is to think of reasons you want your dream to come to be.

I often do this by counting on my fingers, listing 10 reasons in my mind or aloud.

Another great method is to write the reasons you want it.

Realizing your reasons for wanting something helps stimulate the positive emotion related to your dream.

Tip #3:  Stimulate positive emotion by thinking of reasons you want your dream to come true


4. Mental and Emotional Blocks

If you begin visualizing when you are filled with negative thinking, limiting beliefs and upsetting emotions (even if you’re not aware of them), your dreams won’t come true.

I like to think of negative thinking as weeds and our dreams as seeds.

Your dream seeds require weed-free space and tender support to sprout, grow and thrive.

When you do the visualization work, without first removing the the weeds of your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and upsetting emotions…

…you are saying you want something – at the same saying you don’t want it.

This is what Carol Look calls a lack of congruence and what Margaret Lynch calls a conflict.

Whatever you call it, it’s asking and refusing at the same time and the result is – nothing!

Your request and your negative thoughts and feelings cancel each other out.

Negative Thinking…

…stems from negative beliefs.

And all negative beliefs limit us in some way, so I call them Limiting Beliefs.

Here is a short list of the more common ones.

Limiting Beliefs

I’m not good enough.

There’s something wrong with me.

I’m defective.

I’m not lovable.

I don’t belong.

I’m not likable.

I’m not worthy.

I’ll never get over this.

I’m a tough case.

I’m not enough.

This won’t work for me.

I don’t know enough.

I’m not skilled or talented enough.

I don’t have the right education/background/credentials/degrees.

Common Fears

There are also some common fears that keep us stuck or unable to change.  Perhaps the biggest is the fear of change itself.

Here is a short list of common fears that keep us from making positive change in our lives.

Fear of change

Fear of the unknown

Fear you won’t be safe

Fear of being judged, criticized, laughed at, shunned.


Tip #4:  Tap before visualizing to reduce and clear blocks and resistance.  Clear specific blocks using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.


I’ve created an EFT script specifically for this How to Visualize article.

This tapping script can be used at any time, and is especially recommended before any manifesting – Law of Attraction exercise.

See it here: Clear Negative Thinking EFT Script

Also see Thoughts, Feelings and the Law of Attraction, Law of Attraction How to #1.


p.s. Your own personalized Mind Movie is an excellent way to help you visualize your dreams.  Be sure to tap before watching your movie!

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