How to Make EFT Work Every Time

Frustrated that EFT Doesn’t Always Work?

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Have you ever thought…

  • I don’t know what to say when I do EFT.
  • EFT doesn’t always work for me.
  • I’m just not sure how to make EFT work.
  • I know EFT can work, so if I knew how to use it better, I would.

In this Make EFT Work Every Time Kit…

…I’ll teach you an easy way to know how to do EFT so:

  • You know what to say.
  • You move from feeling bad to good – guaranteed.
  • The steps are easy to remember.
  • It works every time!
  • You feel better fast.

Kit Contents

  • Downloadable manual with clear step-by-step instructions of how to use the Growing Up EFT Method
  • 3 Tapping Script examples
  • Video demonstrating how to use this method for your own issues
  • Printable workbook pages to create your own Growing Up Method Tapping Scripts

Natalie, I really like the methodology you’ve come up with.

It fills in a couple of holes I didn’t realize were missing with the work I had been doing with EFT.

Your method gave me permission to vent.  I think I’d been going too quickly to the positive without taking out the garbage first.

The Dreaming section is just such a soft gentle transition to the positive.  It’s really a way of tricking my mind into the realm of going into positive manifestation, without kicking up my resistance.

So I’m really appreciating you Natalie.  It’s just a wonderful gift.

Scott Kalechstein Grace,


This kit normally retails for $39.95

In gratitude for the overwhelming response to this class, I give you this…

…Special offer, for teleseminar attendees – only – $14.95

This offer is not available for the rest of my readers, nor to the general public.

This price is good for 3 days only, until midnight Tuesday, July 19.

Act now and save $25.


Make EFT Work Every Time


p.s. Not sure you’ll like it?

I give a 30 day no questions asked refund. If within 30 days, you’re not totally delighted with the quality and usefulness of this Make EFT Work Every Time Kit, I’ll gladly refund the entire cost of the program – no questions asked.

I’m confident that this will help you get positive results with EFT every time …but it if doesn’t, or if you don’t think it’s worth $14.95, no problem – quick refund.

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