Depression During the Holidays Tapping Script

Holiday Stress and Depression Tapping

Listen and tap with me here:

Overview of the tapping points:

Many people feel depression during the holidays.  They feel more alone than ever, with all the marketing reminders that we’re supposed to be happy.

Why do so may people experience depression during the holidays?

We have a deeply ingrained sense – actually a collective conscious belief – that these holidays represent family, togetherness, love, joy, giving, receiving, wealth and an abundance of food, fun and laughter.

If you are NOT anticipating those things during the upcoming holidays, you can feel holiday stress and depression instead.  I have a client who’s felt the pain of holiday depression all her adult life.  It used to begin for her as early as September!

I’ve created a tapping script to help you beat holiday blues by acknowledging what you’re feeling, allowing those feelings to move by tapping the meridian points, and installing new, more positive thoughts instead.

New to Tapping?

If you’re new to Tapping, go here for a Tapping Intro.  EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques – often called just Tapping – is a method that includes:

  • stimulating energy meridian points (the same qi meridians used in acupuncture) by tapping lightly with your fingertips
  • while putting your attention on the thoughts and emotions related to your “issue”

For an in-depth training on how to use Tapping to help you feel happier and to allow your life to get better and better, I recommend Make EFT Work Every Time.

The result of Tapping?  Thoughts and feelings can change rapidly.  You can let go of whatever was bothering you quickly.  You can feel energized, happier, in a better mood and more able to deal with life in a resourceful, creative manner.

Let’s Tap to Relieve Depression During the Holidays

Round 1

Eyebrow:  I hate the holidays.

EFT Tapping Points EFT Tapping Points

Side of Eye:  They just make me feel bad.

Under the Eye:  They remind me my life’s not what I want it to be.

Under the Nose:  They remind me of what I don’t have.

Chin:  I’m NOT surrounded by love and joy and prosperity.

Collarbone:  I’m NOT surrounded by a harmonious and loving family.

Under the Arm:  The holidays just remind me of what I don’t have.

Top of Head:  All these “I’m supposed to be happy” holiday reminders.

Take an easy deep breath, letting your belly expand, and exhale with a sigh.

 Round 2

Eyebrow:  What if I could turn my attention to what I do have?


Side of Eye:  What if I could look at what is working in my life?


Under the Eye:  What if I could acknowledge the progress I’ve made?


Under the Nose:  What if I could love myself, no matter what?


Chin:  What if I could feel the source of love deep within me?


Collarbone:  What if I could know that the same power that created the Universe, created me?

Under the Arm:  What if I could know that I’m actually never alone?

Top of Head:  What if I could reach out to others who are alone?

Take an easy deep breath, letting your belly expand, and exhale with a sigh.

Round 3 – AfFORmations (asking instead of stating)

Eyebrow:  Why do I know I am surrounded by love?

Side of Eye:  Why am I happy?

Under the Eye:  Why do I see love wherever I look?

Under the Nose:  Why do I experience love and harmony in my relationships?

Chin:  Why is my life getting better and better?

Collarbone:  Why do I enjoy each day?

Under the Arm:  Why is my life unfolding with ease?

Top of Head:  Why do I love each day of my life?


How this can help

1. Attention Reduces the Problem.

When we have painful feelings, but try to avoid or run from them, they often increase and cause us more emotional as well as physical pain in the form of illness.

Facing the painful emotions head on usually causes them to diminish.  I believe this is because emotions are messengers, bringing us wisdom and the power to change.  When we look at the emotion and allow its message to be delivered, the pain disappears.

2. Choosing Better Feeling Thoughts

In the script above, and in all the tapping I do for myself and others, I always move from the painful thoughts and emotions we start with, to better feeling thoughts.

This is a sure way to make your tapping work for you every time. The easiest way to do this is by asking “What if . . .?”  This allows positive thoughts to be introduced without resistance.

I encourage you to pass this method or this script to anyone you know dealing with depression during the holidays.

My love and blessings to you,


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