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Energy and EFT Technique for Depression and The Blues

Here I’ll show you a way I use EFT for depression – plus a few other little tricks to get me from feeling bad to good.

Even though Mary Poppins could do it, when you’re feeling low – it’s next to impossible to just think happy thoughts!

Sometimes our negative state feels like a solid brick wall – impenetrable.  How can we make even a tiny crack?

And negative thinking breeds more negative thinking.  That can make it very difficult to get out of a negative, depressed state.

I’ve found a number of effective emotional therapy methods to get me from feeling depressed and stuck in negative thinking, to feel a little or a lot more positive.

Here are my top favorites, starting with the most essential to overcome depression.

Drink Water Drink Water!


1. Drink Water

Our body’s electrical system needs water to function correctly.  Sometimes we drink all kinds of liquids, but not plain water.  Anything besides pure water requires water to metabolize.  So tea, even herbal, coffee, soft drinks and juices don’t count and require water to process.

If you are depressed or not thinking clearly or if you’re confused or tired – drink water.

When I’m working with a client and we aren’t making progress – I ask them to take a drink of water.  (I give all my in-person clients water as soon as they arrive.)

Thump K 27 Thump K 27 – Hard!


2. Thump or Rub the Collarbone Points

For this to work, you need to be a lot more aggressive than we normally are when doing EFT tapping. You can either thump or rub the points.

Thumping:  Use two hands with stiff fingers.  Vigorously and with an “I mean it” bounce, thump the collarbone points about a dozen times.

Rubbing:  You can also rub these points.  If you do, go deep and make it hurt a little.

These are K-27, or the 27th points on the Kidney meridian.  Here’s what the ultimate Energy Medicine pro, Donna Eden, says about thumping K-27.

“The K-27 points are juncture points that affect all of the other meridians.  Tapping or massaging your K-27 points also sends signals to your brain to adjust your energies so you will be more alert and able to perform more effectively.”

I recently went to a workshop given by Donna Eden and her husband, David Feinstein, at the Association for Energy Psychology (ACEP) conference in San Diego.  Whenever Donna got someone up on stage and they energy-tested weak, she would rub their K-27 points, before performing the thing she really brought them onstage to do.

But here’s what I remember most. When she’d rub their K-27 points, she did it so hard, that they always grimaced in pain!

And she demonstrated that rubbing these points gently actually causes you to lose energy.

So use force here!  I guess pain is gain on K-27.

You can do this many times a day.

Homolateral Marching Homolateral – Same Arm, Same Leg


3.  Get Your Energies Crossing

This exercise is sometimes called Homolateral Crossover Re-Patterning.

What? It’s a complicated name for something actually quite simple.

The energy patterns of our bodies are designed to go in a figure 8, crossover pattern.  Similar to a braid, or the famous DNA double helix.  When we get exhausted, sick or depressed, they convert into a straight up and down, parallel lines, homolateral pattern.

That homolateral pattern was probably designed to slow us down, keep us from over-extending and getting even more sick. But, if our problem is depression, or stuck negative thinking, staying in homolateral means staying depressed and staying negative.

When I’m feeling negative or hopeless, discouraged or depressed, I always do the homolateral crossover re-patterning to get me back into the healthy and positive figure 8 energy.

Here’s what you do.  Start by lifting the same arm and leg – first one side, then the other.  That’s the pattern your body is currently in, so you synch up with the pattern before encouraging a change.  Repeat the same arm/same leg motion 12 times (six on each side).

Cross Crawl Cross Crawl – Opposite Arm and Leg

Then touch your opposite knee to your hand or elbow, like marching.  Repeat 12 times total (six on each side).

Repeat the whole process two more times.

Now, even though I’m demonstrating this method standing up and lifting my knees high, you can also do it sitting down, with minimal movement.  You can also do it laying down.

I recently did this movement laying down, and I just twitched the arms and legs, more visualizing the exercise than doing it full out.  Worked great!

Here’s a recap:

1.  12 Homolateral marches

2. 12 Cross crawl marches

3. 12 Homolateral marches

4. 12 Cross crawl marches

5. 12 Homolateral marches

6.  12 Cross crawl marches.

This energetic correction is essential if you’re chronically depressed.  With depression, your energies have got into a habit of uncrossing and running in that parallel pattern.  You need to retrain them – and that will take time.

If you really want to get out of the depressed habit, you’ll have to make an effort.  You can do this every few hours.  I suggest setting a clock and re-patterning each time it goes off.

If you do, you’ll begin to notice that you stay feeling positive and upbeat for longer and longer periods of time.  And I’ve gotta add this.  If you energy is homolaterial, even EFT tapping for depression won’t reverse that pattern.  Get your energy crossing over, then tap for depression.

4.  Hook Up

This is another energy movement that can make a big difference in how positive you feel.  You put one finger in your belly button and one between your eyebrows and pull up, toward your head, with both fingers.  Hold the position for at least one minute.

This action connects the Governing and Central meridians.  I’ve seen kids go from glum to gleeful in 1 minute, by hooking them up.

Back to Donna Eden again.  She says she never get out of bed in the morning without “hooking up.”

5.  If I Could Feel Good…

I’m a devotee of thinking appreciation or gratitude thoughts and making appreciation and gratitude lists.  Just this morning, I made a Thank You Universe list before getting out of bed.  It’s a sure way of moving your emotions and your vibration up.

But what if you’re feeling so crummy, you can’t even get to the place of making an appreciation list?  That was my experience one day last week.

I was swimming laps at the wonderful Tucson Racquet Club’s sunny outdoor pool.  It was a beautiful day and nothing major was going wrong in my life.  But I noticed I was in that glass half empty state.  I wasn’t able to appreciate anything about the moment or about my life.

The thought occurred to me to think an appreciation list while swimming.  But I was in too lousy a mood to do it.  So I came up with this idea, that I’ve been using every since.  I started my thinking…

“If I did feel appreciation right now, what would I appreciate?” And my list began.

I’d appreciate this clear blue sky.

I’d appreciate this clean pool with the long lanes.

I’d appreciate that I had the smart thought to come swimming today.

I’d appreciate that Tucson has this wonderful club.

I’d appreciate my strong healthy body.

I’d appreciate that there is a wonderful family that wants to buy my house.

I’d appreciate the eight years I’ve lived in Milagro.

I’d appreciate that I’m about to start off on a new life adventure.

I’d appreciate my internet work and the wonderful people I’m interacting with.

I’d appreciate my sense of adventure, my creativity, my resourcefulness.

I’d appreciate my dear friends, especially Teresiana.

I’d appreciate my wonderful neighbors at Milagro.

I’d appreciate how much I’ve learned – about human nature – by living in cohousing these last ten years.

Now, you can imagine, by the length and nature of this list, what effect making it had on my thoughts and emotions.  I went from feeling grumpy to zip-a-dee-doo-da.  It was a gradual change, but a real one.

You can use this particular strategy for all kinds of things. Here are a few others.

If I was feeling, gratitude right now, I would (or might) be grateful for…

If I was feeling happy right now, I might feel happy about…

If I liked that person/movie/book/situation/job, I might like…

If I felt good about _____, I might feel good about…

If I could congratulate myself for _______, I would congratulate myself for…

If I liked myself, I would like myself for..

If I loved myself, I would love _____ about me.

You can also tap while you’re saying your list, turning this into an EFT technique.

6.  EFT for Depression

Going from feeling depressed to feeling happy is like leaping from the ground to the fifth floor – all in one jump.

Not gonna happen unless you’re a SuperHero.

So start your tapping therapy where you are – depressed!  I find it can feel really good to make a long list of everything I’m feeling bad about – hah!  When you’re depressed, that’s usually about everything in your life.

Start by tapping on that list.  It might start something like this:

Even though I hate my life, it would be nice if I could love and accept myself anyway.

Even though everything is shitty and I don’t feel good about anything, deep down I think maybe I’m OK.

Even though I feel heavy, depressed, discouraged and hopeless, I think it might be nice if I could accept myself and all my feelings.

Then tap on your list.  Just go down your list of everything that’s horrible and tap on one statement at each point.   Add in anything that comes to mind as you’re tapping.  And if you’re so depressed that nothing much is coming up, just tap “This depression,” or “I’m so depressed,” at each point.

Keep tapping on all your crappy thoughts until your mood lifts – even just a little. If you don’t budge at all, return to the top of this list.  Or, tune in and fill in this blank, “It wouldn’t be safe to feel good, because…”  Listen for what comes up.  Then tap on that.  Check out the Inner Lifeguard Tapping Technique for more info on how to do this.

The Growing Up Method is perfect for helping you move from grouchy, whiny and petty to imagining, then choosing your positive future.

When I use this strategy, I often don’t even have to move from Dumping to Dreaming to Deciding – after a few rounds of the negative, I’m naturally thinking more optimistically, creatively and positive emotions follow.

Tapping is Last?

I was a little surprised when I wrote this list and discovered that there are five things I’m likely to do before I use EFT for depression.  That’s because depression is quite different from other emotional states that arise suddenly.  Depression can last for hours, days, weeks, months – even years.  It will usually take more than just tapping for depression to lift.

But that’s just what I do and what works for me.  I’d love to hear your techniques for overcoming depression using EFT tapping – or other natural methods.


Natalie Hill


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