EFT Tapping: Is Your Desire Gone?

Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique

To Bring Back Desire

Today, I answered a forum post from someone calling him/herself 180. 

Because it’s what I do, I included an EFT tapping suggestion, with some EFT affirmations 180 could use.

Here’s the questions 180 posed:

Do you ever feel… great desire?

Know when you’re a kid, and you like…

…REALLY REALLY want a toy?

I haven’t felt that way in over 10 years.

Is this something natural with age?

Or am I just feeling bored?

I appreciated the responses from other readers and couldn’t resist adding my own.

What would you have answered?

Here’s what I wrote to 180…

“I’m guessing you are blocking your true, strong, core inner desires.

Here are some things you might try to regain access to that part of you that feels passion and great desire.  These are ways into that deeper, uncensored, wild part of you.

1. First thing every morning, write for 30 minutes – without stopping.  No editing.  No stopping to think about what you should write about.  If nothing is coming, write, “Nothing is coming so I’m just keeping on writing.”

2. Read Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art.  Learn about the force of internal Resistance that is there to keep us small and safe.

Winter Creek in the Tucson Desert3. Take a solo personal retreat for at least 2 and preferably 5 days. Best if it’s all or mostly in nature. Talk to yourself.  Write.  Make up songs and sing from your heart. Find out what’s in there, gestating, waiting to be born.

4. Talk to your unconscious with an EFT tapping set (Emotional Freedom Technique)  following a script something like this:

Even though I don’t feel any strong desire or passion about anything, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though there’s nothing I really, really want, I want to be open to those wants letting themselves be known.

Even though I’m afraid I might just be bored, I accept myself and all my feelings.

Eyebrow:  I don’t really really want anything.
Side of Eye:  I haven’t felt that way in over 10 years.
Under Eye:  Is this natural?
Under Nose:  Is something wrong with me?
Chin: Am I just bored?
Collarbone: Am I blocking my strong desires?
Under Arm:   Am I resisting knowing and feeling the strong urges deep inside me?
Top of Head:  I’m concerned that I don’t really really want anything.

Take a deep breath.

Eyebrow:  What if there are strong desires inside me that I just don’t feel?
Side of Eye:  What if it could be possible for me to feel these desires?
Under Eye: What if they’re in me and I’m just blocking them?
Under Nose:  Wouldn’t it be great if I could feel that feeling again?
Chin: Wouldn’t it be great if I could live in the world of grown-ups and still be in tough of the kid in me?
Collarbone: I’d like to open up to the strong desires I had when I was a kid.
Under Arm:   I choose to allow myself to really really want something once more.
Top of Head:  I have decided it’s ok to let that part of me express itself again.

While tapping, pay attention to any mental objections or rebuttals coming up, or if you notice any tension or pain arise in your body.  If they do, use the rebuttals, objections or pain for the EFT affirmations for additional EFT tapping.

5. Sit still and silent for 15-30 minutes once a day. No agenda.  Just listen to what comes up.

6. Alternately, you can sit still and mentally ask yourself, “What am I passionate about?” Listen for the answer with respect and curiosity.

7. Enlist a friend to do this exercise. Sit opposite each other a couple of feet apart.  For 30 minutes the friend asks you over and over, “What do you really want?”

Each time your friend asks the question, give the response that pops into your mind.  Allow the question to take you deeper and deeper.  Don’t go off track.  Don’t get into a discussion.

Your friend just waits for you to finish and asks the question again. You may want to repeat this activity several times on separate days.

8. You can do a similar exercise by writing.  Again, write the question, “What do you really want?” Write the first thing that occurs to you.  No second-guessing or editing.  Then write the question again.

The above writing exercise may work differently if you ask and answer in 1st, 3rd or whatever tense “you” is.  Example:  What do I want?  I want…  What does she want?  She wants… and What do you want. You want…

180, I think you’ve posed a…

VERY important question.

It’s a question of the heart, of passion at the core of life – Your Life.  And the fact that you’ve asked it means you are ready to crack through that wall separating you from your passion.

I’ve suggested a few cracking tools here.  I’d love to know if you try any out!”

And even better, let us know what YOU would add.


Natalie Hill

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