Tapping Technique: Confused and Stuck

EFT Tapping Therapy for Confusion

EFT Tapping Technique - ConfusedHere is a tapping technique you can use when you need to make a decision and you’re stuck.  This simple and quick tapping therapy can work in minutes for simple decisions.  The EFT affirmations I’ve provided below can be adapted to any decision – even biggies.

Try this method of EFT tapping therapy next time you feel confused about what to do.

What Do You Do?

In a nutshell, you simply tap while giving your thoughts, feelings and reasons for wanting to do one thing.

Then you tap your thoughts, feelings and reasons for wanting to do the other thing (or other things, if you’re considering more than two alternatives).

My Little Dilemma

Desiree and Troy Tanner Desiree and Troy Tanner at T Street Grand Opening

I used this method yesterday, when I was in San Clemente, visiting my niece and nephew, Desiree and Troy Tanner.  They had the grand opening of the T Street Volleyball Club in Irvine.

My dilemma was to decide whether to drive straight home, or to meet my Australian mentor, Ed Dale, in Sherman Oaks.

Ed had just picked up his new iPad.  I wanted to meet him in person.  I wanted to watch him working his magic with his new toy.

It was a simple decision.  And not really a big deal, which path I took. But none-the-less, I was stumped.  Blocked.  Indecisive.  Stuck.

I wanted to head east and drive straight home.  And I wanted to head west and go meet Ed and his iPad.  I couldn’t do both at the same time.

What did I do?  I pulled off the freeway and did some quick tapping therapy to get clear.

It worked in about 60 seconds.

Skip the Set-Up?

When I used this method yesterday, I didn’t even bother with an EFT tapping set-up (but you can use one if you wish).

Without the setup, you’ll do faster EFT.  If the decision is relatively small, go ahead and skip the setup.  If it’s going to affect your life in a bigger way, I recommend you take your time and do a set-up.

Click this link for a refresher on the EFT tapping points and a tapping chart.

Here’s a fill-in-the blank tapping script you can use for making your decision.

EFT Tapping Points - Karate ChopEFT Tapping Set-Up

Even though I can’t decide what to do, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I can’t make a decision right now and I feel stumped, I accept myself and all my feelings.

Even though I feel confused, I want clarity so I can make a good decision.

Tapping on One of Your Options

Eyebrow: I don’t know what to do.

Side of Eye: I feel confused.

Under Eye: I don’t what decision to make.

Under Nose: I want _______ because _______.

Chin: I want it because _______.

Collarbone: It would be best because _______.

Under Arm: If I do this, I’ll feel ______.

Top of Head: This is the best choice.

Tapping on Your Second Option

Eyebrow: But I’m still not sure.

Side of Eye: I also want to _______.

Under Eye: I want _______ because _______.

Under Nose: And I want it because _______.

Chin: It’s the best choice because _______.

Collarbone: If I do _______, I’ll feel _______.

Under Arm: This is the best choice because _______.

Top of Head: This option is the best choice.

At this point, you may be feeling clear and know exactly what you want to do.  That’s what happened for me, when I used this EFT technique yesterday.

I got back on the freeway, heading west toward Ed.

If you’re still not clear

…get quiet and make the following statement (aloud or silently).

Listen for the rest of the sentence:

I don’t feel safe making this decision, because ________.

Then, use whatever comes up as your next EFT affirmations.

Absolutely anything can come up.

You may hear:

I don’t feel safe making this decision, because then I’ll have to get to work.

I don’t feel safe making this decision, because then I’ll have to take responsibility.

I don’t feel safe making this decision, because I won’t have an excuse any more.

I don’t feel safe making this decision, because I’ll have to stand out – and that’s not safe.

Whatever does come up for you, just use the wording in a round of EFT tapping.

Just to let you know – after driving west toward Ed for 45 minutes, stuck in 10 mph LA traffic, and only half way there, I turned around and headed home to Tucson.  Did a little tapping, but I already knew what to do.  Here’s Ed showing us what I missed.

Let me know how this confusion-busting tapping technique works for you!


Natalie Hill

p.s. I hope you’re getting the idea of how many ways EFT can make your life go more smoothly.  EFT tapping can help you resolve the big and little inner conflicts and resistance within minutes or hours, instead of feeling lousy for days or weeks.

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