EFT Tapping in the Desert

Streamside EFT Tapping Technique:

EFT Healing in the Tucson Desert

I did EFT tapping beside an unlikely desert stream yesterday, using my new Growing Up tapping technique.  Here’s how it all unfolded.

It rained yesterday…

in this desert where I live.  A nice long slow rain – more like the kind I remember from Seattle than the typical desert thunderstorm and quick downpour.

That’s why today, after working with a couple of reading students at their school, I went for a hike.  The school is at the base of Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains, near the Pima Canyon trail.

I wore my tennies and jeans and headed up right after Alex and I finished.

Desert Tapping TechniqueWhen you picture a desert, what comes to mind?

Do you think dry, dusty, rocky, brown, spiny, cactus?

That’s what usually comes to my mind.

Well, this winter, Tucson has gotten a lot of rain.  And you can really tell when you look out at the desert landscape.

As I was hiking up the dry, dusty rocky trail, I started to think I might be hearing the sound of water on my right, down in Pima Canyon.

But it seemed so improbable, I thought I might be imagining things.

EFT Tapping in the DesertI continued on, past fat water-swelled Sahuaro cactus and spiny Palo Verde trees, hearing more and more what sounded like running water.

Since it rained yesterday, so there was hope that the normally dry sandy creek bed would be running with water.

Climbing up and up the left side of the canyon, there came a point when I knew I was hearing water. The creek became my destination.

EFT Tapping on a Desert StreamAnd finally, there it was.

I stopped on sun-warmed rocks beside the loud rush of water, streaming tendrils of the greenest algae you’ve ever seen.

That’s when it hit me.

But first – a little explanation.

I had been feeling kind of low.  The appraisal for my house just came in.  $66,000 less than what I paid for it, eight years ago.

I was feeling financially poor and torn between my very real desire to fulfill my dream, sell my house and head south to Latin American.  And to stay where I am until the market recovers (a year, two years, will it ever?).

I was seeing, hearing, smelling a rush of water in the normally dry desert.

Desert EFT TappingWhat hit me?  The overwhelming sense of abundance.  I was experiencing, with all my senses, a great reminder that we can feel financially poor, in lowsy physical condition (yep) and lacking the deep and meaningful relationships we crave (where is he?).

But just like the desert greens right up after a few good rains.  And just like the dry stream bed becomes a vibrant, rushing flow of life-bringing water…

…Our lives can rejuvenate.  Can become filled with abundance.

So what did I do with that epiphinette?  I did EFT tapping right there on my warm sunny rock, beside the stream, of course!

Here are the EFT affirmations I used.

Set-Up (Karate Chop Point)

Even though I feel poor, in lousy shape, lacking love – especially in a male partner, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though it feels like my life has been a dry desert for so long that I’m scared it will always be that way, I accept myself and all my feelings.

Even though I’m worried that if I sell my house at the appraised value, I’m giving it away, I accept myself no matter what.

Desert Tapping TechniqueTapping Script

Round One:  Dumping/Ranting/Venting Round

Eyebrow: I feel poor and wonder how I’m going to make enough money to retire.

Side of Eye: I don’t have a partner and feel alone.

Under Eye: I’m in lousy shape.

Under Nose: I barely feel strong enough to do this short hike.

Chin: My life has been like this for a long time now.

Collarbone: I don’t want to make this big house-selling decision by myself.

Under Arm: My life feels like a dry and dusty desert.

Top of Head: I’m doing so many positive things, but when will I see the tangible results?

EFT AffirmationsI take a deep breath.  Feeling somewhat better, I head into round two…

Round Two:  Dreaming

Eyebrow: What if my life could miraculously green up, just like this lush desert before me?

Side of Eye: What if I could get abundance to flow through me, like this dry sandy arroyo has for this rushing stream?

Under Eye: What if I could trust that magical things are happening in my life, just like the popping of spring leaves on these trees?

Under Nose: Wouldn’t it be great if I could trust that all the work I’m doing has already caused wonderful results?

Chin: And they are going to gush forth into reality, just like this stream just gushed forth today?

Collarbone: Wouldn’t it be nice if I could relax and feel appreciation and positive expectation?

Under Arm: What if I could just know that what I’ve been asking for is already on its way?

Emotional Freedom Tapping in the DesertTop of Head: What if I could trust the delivery system of the Universe and stay in a state of gratitude?

Another deep breath.  Feeling much, much better, I do round three…

Round Three:  Deciding

Eyebrow: I have decided that my dry, dusty, brown life is a thing of the past.

Side of Eye: I have decided that I will focus on the reality that makes me happy.

Under Eye: The reality of my life of love, abundance, robust health and joy.

Under Nose: I choose to feel huge appreciation of this green desert and rushing desert stream.

Chin: I choose to feel gratitude for the wonderful people who want to buy my house.

Collarbone: I choose love for this demonstration that we are all surrounded by amazing abundance – all the time.

EFT Healing in the DesertUnder Arm: I have decided to know and trust that my life is in the process of greening up and flowing with abundance.

Top of Head: I have decided to feel gratitude for the magical things that are happening in my life – even if I can’t see them yet.

After that tapping round, I finished my apple, cheese and yummy Go Raw Live “Granola” Bar, and set off back to the trail head.  I decided to improve my happy, appreciative vibe even more by listing 100 things I appreciate, as I hiked back to my car.

I won’t list all 100, but my list went something like this.

  1. The improbably green moss in this creek is so beautiful – like a Green Goddess’s flowing hair.
  2. I love the roaring, tinkling sound of the rushing water.
  3. Thank you rocks, for providing such a warm picnic seat.
  4. I love these fat sahauro cacti.
  5. I admire the fragile toughness of these desert plants.
  6. I love that lupines grow here and in Alaska too!
  7. I so appreciate the beautiful carpet of green.
  8. I love this incredibly blue sky.
  9. I’m so grateful to my trusty feet that have walked me all over this planet.
  10. I’m thankful that I thought to do this hike today.
  11. Desert EFT Healing - BrittlebushI’m delighted that I thought to think of 100 things I appreciate!
  12. Thank you, Sun, for the life you give the Earth.
  13. I love the soft, fuzzy Brittlebush leaves.
  14. I appreciate my healthy body and the way my muscles get stronger when I exercise.
  15. I thank my heart for beating so reliably all my life.
  16. The hooked spines on this Barrel cactus are so beautiful!

It seemed like as I hiked I got stronger and stronger.  I stood up straighter and walked taller.  By the time I reached the car, just finishing my 100 appreciations, I felt full of power and optimism.

So without actually planning to, on my hike, I used the powerful combination of EFT tapping and a Law of Attraction appreciation exercise.  They make an awesome pair.

I pose this question to you.  What in your life is a dry, dusty, brown desert?  And what would an unexpected rush of life-bringing water represent to you?  Let us know – leave a comment below.


Natalie Hill

p.s. Sign up at the top.  I’ll keep you posted when I publish nifty new EFT tapping technique tips.

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