EFT Techniques for Stress and Overwhelm

When you’re new to EFT tapping, learning EFT techniques can be challenging.

Tapping Audio:  Tap Along to Relieve Stress and Overwhelm

And, even when you’re experienced with Emotional Freedom tapping, it can still be very nice to have someone guide you along with a tapping script or a tap-along EFT audio.

Here is an audio recording you can tap along with if you’re feeling either…

-  overwhelmed,

-  stressed out,

-  if the task you have ahead of you is just too much,5

-  if what you need to do feels impossible,

-  you don’t believe you have enough time to complete your task.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Used

I used simple EFT techniques in this audio, following my Growing Up Method. That method starts with Dumping, moves into what I call Dreaming (start EFT affirmations with “What if…” and “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”) and ends with Deciding – positive EFT.

Unlike other tapping therapy recordings I’ve made, this one is for real.  What I mean by that is that I was facing what felt like an overwhelming, impossible task.  I felt stressed and unable to move and get started.

You may have read elsewhere on this site that I’m in the process of selling my Milagro Cohousing Tucson home and moving out of the country.

Along the way, with the help of EFT for safety, I realized that the move out of the country was too big a step to take all at once, so I’ve decided to make a trip to Portland, Oregon first.  I’ll make many stops along the way to visit friends and family.  Then I’ll get my city fix in Portland until I’m ready to make that next leap out of the US. (As I’ve told friends, you can say, “I told you so,” if I’m still in Portland five years from now.)

My Overwhelm

Packing OverwhelmBut this morning, I was sitting in my office, with half filled boxes behind me.  As you know about moving, every item can represent a decision.

In this move, I want to take only what will fit in the cab of my truck.  The rest, I’ll either sell, give away, or store.  I don’t intend to store any furniture or art.

I’m limiting myself to storing 10 boxes, max. (There, I’ve made my commitment in writing!)

And I’m allowing myself to take only 8 boxes and 2 suitcases. (Another promise – to myself and to you.)

Anyway, I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit hopeless.  I decided to tap on it.  And I thought, “I can make an audio of this for others to tap along with.”

I’ve tried to make it generic enough that it worked for me, and it can work for you.  If you listen to it, you’ll notice me doing a lot of yawning.  Hopefully, that will stimulate you to yawn too, as yawning is very contagious – and beneficial.

For me, and for many, yawning while doing EFT is a sign of movement and change happening.  Like Pavlov’s dogs who salivated at the sound of a bell, I probably begin to yawn anytime I start tapping on the karate chop point.

Click this link for the Overwhelm Tapping Audio.

I hope this tapping audio helps you, as it did me this morning.


Natalie Hill

p.s.  Let me know if you’d like me to make more tapping audios with various EFT techniques.  Just add a quick comment to this page.

top photo by Sara. Nel

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