Are You Embarrassed to Do EFT on an Airplane?

Business Class EFT Tapping

If you want to do EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on an airplane, it’s very nice to be in Business Class in your own private travel pod, where someone must be standing right in front of you to see what you’re doing.

All was quiet (well, except for the loud drone of the jet engines).

After my 2-week old MacBook Air refused to turn on and when it did the screen went either black or filmy, I began imagining how I was going to get it fixed from the Philippines, where I don’t believe there is a brick and mortar store.

But after a few minutes of distracting myself with a movie in my Travel Pod’s personal media center, I realized I was much more upset about my broken Mac than the problem warranted.

I realized I was attached to the identity working on my Mac gave me, an identity that I’d invented for myself.  Read more about my Mac identity crisis and the food on my Cathay Pacific Business Class flight here.

Frequent Flyer Master

My Set-Up

I started tapping on the Karate Chop point…

Even though I have built this image of myself writing in my hotel room, writing in coffee shops, writing online as a way of life,…

Even though I don’t know who I’ll be if I can’t work on my computer…

Even though having no computer is a threat to who I think I am and the life I’ve dreamed up,…


I can’t live without my computer.

How will I work online?

How will I communicate with people?

How will I spend my time?

I’ve created this whole image of my international life – and it’s centered around my computer.

The thought of having no computer threatens my identity.

It’s more than just the hassle of getting it fixed.

It’s who I am.

I am my computer.

My computer is my life.

I felt much better!

Next I tapped in the confident, centered, grounded state I wanted to be in – computer or not.

Even though my computer might be broken, what if I could remain secure and grounded?

Even without a computer, what if I could trust in my resourcefulness?

Even if my computer is broken and I must live without it for a while, what if I could know that I’ll find a way to work online, not matter what?


What if I could feel a little confidence in my ability to work online, even without my beloved Mac?

What if I could remember that there are internet cafes all over the world now, and that I can stay connected and work on my website from anywhere?

What if I could trust in my resourcefulness?

What if I could believe in that essence of me who is always secure, always creative, always joyful – no matter if I have a computer or not?

What if I could trust in the power of EFT to return me to a grounded, resourceful state?

What if I could feel gratitude for the beauty and abundance around me and know that I am safe at a deep level – computer or not.

What if I could tap into my groundedness right now – even while flying at 35,000 feet above the earth?

What if I could trust that all is well?

I choose to trust my own resourcefulness.

I choose to know that all is ultimately well, all the time.

I choose to feel that vital essence in me of love, creativity and joy.

I choose to know that life is good.

After maybe five minutes of tapping on the computer issue, I felt great! Went back to my movie.

But here’s the funny thing. After I did that tapping and felt so much better, I just knew that my computer was better too. It was strange to feel just confidence about it.

When the movie was over, I pulled my laptop back out, turned it on and, of course, it was working just fine and has been ever since.

You see, our personal vibe extends to others around us, our possessions, the mechanical equipment we operate every day. Our personal vibe is causing all sorts of things to come into our reality – good and bad.

I didn’t realize how I was basing my identity on my computer, until I was faced with the possibility of not having it.

My Letting Go

Letting Go has been one of the major themes for me in preparing to let go of nearly all I own and leaving US. And it’s helped me to realize that letting go is always helpful to us.

Excessive attachment to things, jobs, roles, people and relationships ties us down in unhelpful ways. These attachments can keep us safe and small. They can limit our personal growth and our ability to attract abundance.

Click here to read the backstory of how my new laptop crashed and how I realized my identity was tied up into my computer. And how when I released that attachment, my computer came back to life.

What Are You Holding Onto?

The following questions can help you find out some of the things your identity is based on.

1. What can you not live without?

2. What person or thing would devastate you, if lost?

3. Finish the following statements:

I can’t live without…

I wouldn’t be who I am without…

My ______ and I are one.

My happiness is dependent upon having _______ in my life.

My security is dependent upon having _______ in my life.

Now, you will have more insight into some of the people, things or situations that you are using to define your identity. You may feel dependent on those things for your happiness and your very survival.

Interdependence is healthy and can be growth-promoting and empowering.

Dependence is limiting.

Tapping for Letting Go

If you’d like to loosen that grip a little and rest more solidly in a grounded sense of security and resourcefulness – no matter who or what you possess, do the following tapping sequence.

To quickly learn the tapping points, see this EFT Technique video.  To read about how to do EFT, see the EFT Manual.  See the Growing Up Method for more info on Dumping, Dreaming and Deciding in EFT.

Dumping Set Up (Tap continuously on the karate chop point, while saying these statements)

Even though I believe I can’t live without this stuff, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I believe I’d lose my sense of who I am if I wasn’t doing what I do, I accept myself and all my beliefs.

Even though something in me feels very threatened by the thought of not having these relationships, I accept myself just the way I am.


Eyebrow point: I can’t live without my stuff (you can substitute the “stuff” that you feel most attached to – your house, car, books, clothing, art, technology, music, collections, etc.).

Side of Eye: Who would I be without my stuff?

Under Eye: I am my stuff.

Under Nose: I won’t feel safe without my stuff.

Chin: Who would I be if I’m not doing what I do?

Collarbone: I won’t have an identity if I’m not doing this.

Under Arm: I wouldn’t feel safe without this role to play.

Top of Head: I am my job/role.

Eyebrow point: I need this role/job in order to be me.

Side of Eye: I can’t survive without these/this relationship(s).

Under Eye: I don’t know who I’d be without it.

Under Nose: I’d lose my identity without this relationship.

Chin: I wouldn’t feel safe without it.

Collarbone: My life wouldn’t have meaning without this relationship.

Under Arm: Without all these things, my life doesn’t have meaning.

Top of Head: Without my things, roles and relationships, I am nothing and no one.

Dreaming Set Up

Even though a big part of me still feels like I wouldn’t know who I was without my stuff, my roles and my relationships, what if I am actually more than all those things?

Even though I’m scared that I wouldn’t feel safe without all of them, what if my security comes from a place much deeper than all of that?

Even though the thought of being without all those grounding elements in my life really scares me, what if I could know that beneath it all, I am and always will be grounded and secure and loved.


Eyebrow point: A lot of me still feels unsafe at the thought of being without my posessions.

Side of Eye: There’s still a big part of me who wouldn’t recognize myself without it.

Under Eye: I can’t imagine wanting to willingly let it all go (or can you?).

Under Nose: But what if my security actually lies within me?

Chin: What if my true identity has nothing to do with any of that?

Collarbone: What if I could feel that core essence of me and know who I really am?

Under Arm: What if I could feel that place where I am always secure and whole and loved and loving?

Top of Head: What if I could know that is who I am, not matter what I own, what I do or who I’m with?

Deciding Set Up

Even though there’s still a part of me that’s holding onto the identity I’ve created for myself with my things, my roles and my relationships, I’m willing to explore the possibility that I might be something much deeper than all that.

Even though I still haven’t totally let go of all my attachments, I’m open to the idea (or want to be open…) that I have the capacity to feel safe and whole without any of that.

Even though I don’t want to let any of it go right now (or even though I want to…), I’d like to believe that if I did, I’d be OK anyway.


Eyebrow point: I’d like to be open to that eternal part of me that is always safe, not matter what.

Side of Eye: I’d like to get to know the essence of me that is always secure, creative, joyful and free.

Under Eye: I’d like know that I do not need my possessions, roles and relationships to be who I am.

Under Nose: I choose to be open to the deeper reality of who I am.

Chin: I choose to know myself as whole and secure and good an loved and loving.

Collarbone: I choose to use the tools I have to let go of the things that are keeping me from knowing and living who I really am.

Under Arm: I choose to be open to letting go.

Top of Head: I choose to know that even without anything, I still have value and who I am is eternal.

Tapping In Qualities and Gratitude

Eyebrow point: I am creative.

Side of Eye: I am resourceful.

Under Eye: I am loving.

Under Nose: I am lovable.

Chin: I am good.

Collarbone: I am worthy.

Under Arm: I feel so much gratitude for this awareness.

Top of Head: Thank you, Universe, for blessing me with the knowing of who I really am.

What is it that you believe you can’t live without?  What have you discovered by doing this exercise?

~ Natalie, in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

p.s. To learn more about how you can fly around the world for free, see the Frequent Flyer Master.

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