How to Become Happier with EFT

Get in a Better Mood by Tapping

This method is one you can use when you would like to be in a better mood.

It’s great for times when you feel negative

…grouchy, irritated, frustrated, edgy…

…and part of you wants to feel better, but part of you would rather be grouchy.

Another way to say it is that your glass is half empty and you can’t quite see how it could be half full.

Watch the video, then I’ll say more below.

How to Become Happier with EFT

Basically this method tricks your mind into thinking more positive thoughts without realizing it’s happening.

You’re sneaking those positive thoughts by that grouchy gatekeeper who does not want to get happier.

Learn by doing!  After you watch the video, I’d love it if you do this:

Action Steps

Answer these two questions in the comments below.

1.  What is your current emotional state and what state do you want to move up to?

Try the How to Become Happier with EFT method out!

2. What happened?


Hope so,


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