I Have No Motivation

I have no motivationWhen you have no motivation – what can you do?

When’s the last time you thought, “I have no motivation?”

If you’re anything like me, you may think you have no motivation several times each day.  It’s normal for our motivation to oscillate up and down as the day progresses.

And – having no motivation is a tough place to be!

Having no motivation can feel like standing in front of a solid brick wall – with no way over or around it.

And very little desire to get through it.

Just the idea that you have no motivation implies that you also have things you might like to be doing or think you should be doing.

But the energy it would take to move an inch in the positive direction is Waaaaay too much.

I am a self-proclaimed expert in the no motivation mental/emotional/physical state.


I have a lot of motivation (that’s good) and a lot of inner resistance (I’m sprawled in front of that brick wall).

The resistance is often in the form of fear…

…well, maybe it’s always in the form of fear, just sometimes disguised as dread or lost interest or frustration or shiny object syndrome or fatigue or…

The upside of me having a lot of inner resistance coupled with motivation to get things done, is that I’ve developed many effective strategies for busting up my resistance.

The short, easy tapping script I share with you here is one of my favorite ways to use tapping to get from I Have No Motivation to enthusiastically takin’ action.

This EFT script is good for when…

  • You’ve lost your motivation
  • You think you “should” do something, but just can’t get started.
  • You’re feeling a lot of resistance about cleaning something, organizing something, starting something, finishing something, calling someone or doing something.
  • You feel stuck.
  • Or blocked.
  • Suddenly exhausted, when you think of doing that thing.
  • You’re having that obstinate, “I won’t do it!” feeling.
  • Looking ahead, at doing that thing, all you see is a brick wall.
  • You just can’t seem to make progress on something that’s important to you.

I Have No Motivation Refusal Tapping

Tap any or all of the points while voicing your refusal to do the thing you or someone else is telling you to do.  Use the points on the chart below, or your favorite points.

And feel free to chime in with more obstinate refusal language.  Have fun with this one – let your bratty 13 year old or your terrible 2 year old out.

I have no motivation.

So forget it.

I don’t want to do it.

I won’t do it.

I don’t have to.

And you can’t make me.

You’re not my boss.

Just keep your bossiness to yourself.

I don’t like being told what to do.

Quit telling me what to do.

I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.

And I don’t want to do this.

I’m not motivated, so I’m not doing it.

So leave me alone.

So there.


I don’t know about you, but I usually feel SO MUCH better after tapping out my refusal.

Know what the biggest challenge is?  Drumming up the motivation to even tap!

Action Steps!

It’s always helpful to put what you learn into action. If you try this script, next time you feel a “Should” coming on, answer the following 2 questions in the comments below.

1.  What shift did you feel after doing the Refusal Tapping?

2. When would be other times you might use Refusal Tapping?

With much love!


brick photo by Mark Heard

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