Quick Morning Help for Emotional Stress

Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you’re feeling a mix of optimism and stress. I’m going to show you a weird-looking form of emotional help – more about that below.  First, back to your morning.

You are looking forward to most of what lays ahead, but you’re also feeling a little stressed by the amount you’ve got on your To Do list.

What can you do?

You can do some EFT tapping.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques,is a simple method that combines the ancient art of acupuncture with modern psychology.

But unlike acupuncture, no needles are used.

EFT has been described as “emotional acupuncture without needles.”

So how to you do it? In the easiest form, you simply tap on certain stress-relief points on your upper body while saying aloud what’s bothering you.

How can that help?

It helps because all thoughts and emotions effect all of you, your body and your mind.  So when you think negative thoughts and feel upsetting emotions, the effect is felt throughout your body.

And these negative states get stuck.

Ever had a song replay over and over in your head? That’s what I mean by a state getting stuck.

The same thing happens with repetitive thoughts and emotions.  They become a habit, replaying in your body and mind.

Tapping certain meridian or energy points, while thinking and feeling about your upsetting situation, moves energy and unsticks stuck thoughts and emotions.

It gets that stuck energy moving.

In the process, your mood is lifted. You find that you think more clearly.  And you begin to see possibilities instead of dead ends.

Here’s a short example of how to use a meridian tapping technique to brighten your day.

What this does is to clear the body’s stress response when you think of your to do list.  It allows you to feel calm instead of frightened.

And that allows for resourcefulness where before there was just anxiety.

Tap on the points listed, while saying the related statements.

(Need some instruction on the tapping points? Watch this quick YouTube EFT video or sign up for the newsletter and get a free EFT manual with the tapping points and full instructions.)


Eyebrow:  I feel stressed out about the day ahead.

Side of Eye: I’ve got too much to do.

Under Eye: I don’t see how I can get everything done.

Under Nose: And I feel stressed just thinking about it.

Chin:  I feel a little nervous and anxious.

Collarbone:  I feel it in my body.

Under Arm: I feel overwhelmed by my To Do list.

Top of Head:  I know I can’t do it all and that makes me feel stressed.

Now take a deep breath.

Notice how you feel.  If you feel terrific, you’re done!

If you just feel a little better, tap another round, adding in some of your own thoughts and feelings.

Thousands of people have got help from EFT tapping for everything from pain relief to confidence-building to improving their love life.  Tapping is a multi-purpose, do-it-yourself mood brightener.

Give this strange-looking emotional technique a try!

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