Tapping for Stress and Anxiety

No one alive escapes stress.

We actually NEED stress to stay alive.  But the kind of stress I’m talking about is not helpful to life.  It’s the kind of stress that leads to:

  • overwhelm
  • chronic anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • disturbed sleep
  • emotional eating
  • digestive problems
  • chronic pain
  • a stifled life

Anxiety is the state that keeps you thinking something bad is about to happen. Even if it’s to a smaller degree, when you’re anxious, you’re continually focused on problems, who’s out to get you, the horrible thing that’s about to happen . . . expecting the worst.

Accidental Anxiety Expert

I’d say I’m sort of an accidental expert in using EFT for anxiety.

Accidental, because I never set out to study anxiety and the ways to tap to overcome it.  It’s not an area of great interest to me. But since I’ve been challenged by so much anxiety, and I’m such a learner and problem-solver, I’ve sought out and learned many methods to curb anxiety.

One thing I’ve learned is that anxiety is a tough nut to crack.

And I believe I now know why:  The anxiety you feel is not the “real emotion.”

Your anxiety is acting as a decoy to draw your attention away from the real emotion.

The real emotion may be despair over the state of your life.  Or rage at your parents or spouse or boss. To your unconscious, your despair or rage can seem way more life-threatening than anxiety.

When you experience anxiety for a few hours or a few days, it begins to be a habit – of mind and body.  And when the body gets addicted to anxiety, it’s like the light switch for stress is stuck in the on position.

Constant Hum of Stress

Stress and anxiety can operate at a constant hum in our lives.  We don’t notice how uptight we are until we take a vacation, finish the project that’s been keeping us up, or the cause of our stress goes away suddenly.

Tapping on your stress daily is a great way to reduce the hum.  I’ve developed a daily doubt tap that has been very helpful to me and I hope it might help you too.

When the Stress Switch is On

  • Racing thoughts – on.
  • Disturbed sleep – on.
  • Poor digestion – on.
  • Can’t focus or concentrate – on.
  • Depressed immune system, meaning it’s easier to catch a cold or flu – on.
  • Focus on the worst case scenario – on

All that said, there are still many things you can do – with tapping and otherwise, to help overcome that stressed out state.  Iv’e recently been using five different methods that quickly turn my anxious state into calm, focused and effective.

How EFT Can Help Stress and Anxiety

EFT is great for helping you calm down, relax and get into a more thoughtful, resourceful place.

Tapping has been scientifically shown to lower stress.  When we tap, we literally lower the levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – in the blood.

EFT is also great for helping you resolve the underlying causes of your stress and anxiety.  

I’ve developed a tapping method for overcoming anxiety that helps you get to the root of your stress.

Here are some powerful ways to turn your anxiety into calm:

The SALT method for Anti-Anxiety Tapping

5 Tips for Calming Your Anxious Mind

And because the flip side of anxiety is depression (the mind/body’s way of creating balance), EFT for Depression, 5 Ways to Go from Negative to Positive

Daily Doubt Tap – to nip that morning anxiety in the bud – by facing up to what is scaring you.



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