Tapping for Hopelessness

The opposite of feeling hopelessI don’t know about you, but every now and then, I fall into a feeling of hopelessness.  Do you get hopeless sometimes too?  Tapping for hopelessness is a great way to come up out of it into a better state of optimism and resourcefulness.

Feeling hopeless is one of the lowest vibrations on the emotional scale.

(And because your energy is so low there, it can be hard to get motivated to do anything about it.  For help getting out of this black hole, see how you can hire me as your healing buddy.)

If you stay there for long, you’ll end up attracting events and circumstances into your life that create more and more hopelessness.

So, you want to get to a higher vibration, a more positive emotional state as quickly as possible.

Making positive statements, thinking on the bright side and saying uplifting affirmations doesn’t work at all when you’re feeling hopeless.

You need to get to a better feeling place before you can even begin to think positively.

And how do you get to a better feeling place, when you’re feeling hopeless?

EFT tapping, of course!

Here’s a tapping script for you to use when you’re in that hopeless place.

We’re using the Growing Up Method, which goes from Dumping (venting your worst thoughts and feelings) to Dreaming (Making “what if…” statements to plant positive possibilities into your mind) and Deciding (choosing resourceful, confident thoughts).

See this  short EFT video for a tapping points refresher.

And here’s the EFT manual, if you want some more thorough instruction (you can also get a printable copy by signing up for the newsletter).

Dumping Round

Set Up

Even though I’m feeling hopeless and horrible right now, it might be nice if I could love and accept myself.

Even though I’m feeling so awful, I don’t really expect this tapping to help, I’m tapping on it and at least that’s something.

Even though I can’t really imagine getting out of this pit I’m in, what if there could possibly be some hope in here somewhere?


Eyebrow point: I feel horrible.

Side of Eye: I feel hopeless.

Under Eye: Nothing is going right.

Under Nose: I don’t feel healthy.

Under Chin: I don’t feel happy.

Collarbone: I can’t imagine a bright future.

Under Arm: I can’t imagine succeeding in life.

Top of Head: I can’t imagine my dreams coming true.

Now we’ll add in some refusal tapping.

Refusal tapping is especially helpful when you’re dealing with a common or habitual emotional state.  When you’re in a state often, that means you have neurological and biochemical patterns that have been trained to follow those patterns.

And it means that there’s a part of you that believes that the painful/limiting/negative response is helping you or protecting you in some way.

When that’s the case, you need special tactics to help wean yourself away from the negative pattern.  Refusal tapping supports that resistant part of you and helps it feel safe.  That enables it to begin to change.

Refusing to Change

Set Up – tap continuously on the karate chop point.

Even though I don’t want to feel optimistic and cheerful, and I’m not sure why not, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I don’t want to let this hopelessness go – because I’m not sure I’d recognize myself if I wasn’t feeling hopeless, I accept myself just the way I am.

Even though I refuse to let this go, because it might not be safe, or because I like struggling, or for whatever reason, I’m ok anyway.


Eyebrow: I’ve always been this way.

Side of Eye: I’ll always be this way.

Under Eye: I don’t even want to change.

Under Nose: It wouldn’t work anyway.

Chin: Forget feeling hopeful – that’s not realistic.

Collarbone: I don’t have to change.

Under Arm: I can stay stuck and small and miserable as long as I want.

Top of Head: You can’t make me change.  And if I don’t want to change, I don’t have to.

Dreaming Round

Set Up

Even though I still feel kinda bad, what if I could see a glimpse of brightness in me, fanning the tiny embers of optimism into flames?

Even though I may not be completely ready to let go of my martry self image and feel happy and lovable, what if I could just allow a tiny hint of hopefulness in?

Even though maybe something in me identifies with feeling bad and feels safe with that identity, what if I allowed myself to pretend to feel lovable and optimistic and resourceful, just a little?


Eyebrow: What if I could notice that in my Essence, there’s an ember, always glowing in me?

Side of Eye: An eternal glowing ember.

Under the Eye: Just like there is in everyone.

Under Nose: What if I could tap into that ember>?

Chin: I wonder what it would say to me?

Collarbone: It says, “You are a precious gem.

Under Arm: You are unique in all the world.

Top of Head: You have gifts to give that only you can express.

Eyebrow: This sense of unworthiness, of failure, of hopelessness is merely an illusion.

Side of Eye: It’s clouding your essential brilliance.

Under Eye: It’s like a heavy blanket you’ve pulled over you.

Collarbone: And you can peak out from it, slip out from under it, any time you want.

Under Arm: This is your birthright.

Top of Head: Your birthright is always available to you.

Eyebrow: You are lovable, loving, deeply loved, creative, resourceful, capable, always connected to the Source.

Side of Eye: You are safe.  Your essence is always there to ground you, remind you of your brilliane, your possibilities.

Under Eye: Your birthright is to shine in your own unique and wonderful way.

Under Nose: No one else can express what is yours to express.

Chin: Without your unique contribution, the world will be less, smaller.

Collarbone: And it’s always your choice.

Under Arm:  Do you choose to continue to hide under the blanket of the illusion that your life is hopeless, the illusion that keeps you small, safe and hidden?

Top of Head: Or are you ready to accept your birthright – that you’re brilliant, fabulous, lovable, plenty good enough and powerful?”

Deciding Round

Set Up

Even though I know I can go back to hiding and playing the safe, familiar “My life is hopeless” game, I’ve decided to try out this brithrifht you told me about, just for a little while.

Even though I’ve gotten used to the familiar feel of seeing myself as a little hopeless, I now choose to try out the role of seeing myself as fabulous and full of hope. What if that could grow to feel familiar too?

Even though there’s a sense of security in knowing my future, even if it’s not so great, I’ve decided there’s a greater source of security in tapping into my essence and allow the wonderful mystery of life unfold.


Eyebrow:  I choose to rememeber the Essence of me is love, creativity, being lovable and fabulous.

Side of Eye: I’ve decided to try out this role of seeing myself as brilliant.

Under Eye: I’m looking forward to a sense of comfort and familiarity in feeling lovable, safe, capable, fabulous and brilliant.

Under Nose: I choose the light.

Chin: I choose to come out from under the blanket of illusion.

Collarbone: I choose to awaken to who I really am.

Under the Arm: I’ve decided I could get comfy in this role – my True Self.

Top of Head: I choose to believe in love.  I choose to believe in Truth.  I choose to believe in me.


Tap one at each point, adding more as they occur to you.

I am lovable.

I am loving.

I am deeply loved.

I am creative.

I am joy.

I am fabulous.

I am brilliant.

I am good.


p.s. I always love hearing how these tapping scripts work for you.  Your comments make me feel hopeful!

p.p.s. The woman in the photo above had a little banana frying business in Puerto Princesa, Philippines. She was so wonderfully hopeful and happy-looking, I just had to try her stuff.

Maybe I was imagining that the combination of banana, oil and caramelized sugar was her secret to happiness.

p.p.p.s.  Would you like a personalized tapping script, especially for resolving your own hopelessness?  Find out more.

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