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My Recent Crash

Yesterday things fell apart for me.  When putting them back together, I created a process you can use when things fall apart for you.  The remedy uses a combination of EFT tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, the EFT Choices Method and Neuro Linguistic Tapping – NLT.

I’ve been working on a product for overcoming anxiety for the last couple of months.  And feeling great about it!

And the crash came as a surprise, since my day was going great.

I took an early morning beach walk.  Was tapping to Carol Look‘s Energy of Money audio, ran into a friend and we talked about starting and EFT mastermind group – feeling terrific!

Back at my hotel, I worked on Skype with two phone clients.  Great sessions with both, using a combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and NLT.

Lunch, then ready to put the finishing touches on my new product.

That’s when things fell apart.

At first, I was taken in by my thoughts.  They went like…

I deserve a day off.

I never take a break from working.

I should just watch a movie this afternoon.

I must be really tired.

But I noticed that I wasn’t really tired and I was actually restless.

I tried changing settings. I took my  portable office (my Mac) down to the restaurant of Shanti for a more comfy location to work. Just couldn’t get motivated.

Moved to a different table.  No change.  I felt a huge block.  I had zero interest in finishing my anxiety product. It was if I had lost all motivation to work on it, to get it done.

I decided to drive to a beachside restaurant to work there, thinking a change of scenery could help.  Went to my rental jeep and found that the battery was dead – I’d left the lights on that morning when I went to the beach.

Yes, my battery WAS dead.  The jeep was reflecting my inner state.

I asked the lodge staff if anyone had jumper cables.  “No, no, nothing like that. We don’t have those.”

Then it hit me.  This is fear of finishing!  This is Resistance! I’m stuck inside and out. My jeep is just reflecting my inner state!

(To gain more insight in the nature of Resistance, here’s a book I recommend to anyone who wants to achieve goals, write, paint, start a business, lose weight or complete a project of any sort: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles)

Using EFT:  I sat in a semi-private outdoor porch next to the restaurant to tap on my resistance.  I tapped on…

Even though I’ve lost all motivation and don’t want to finish the project I’ve been working on continually for the past month, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I no longer think this idea, which has occupied nearly all my creative energy for three months straight, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I don’t like the product any more and have no interest in finishing, I’m open to the possibility that something else is going on here.

Tapping the Points

I don’t want to finish.

I don’t care about this product any more.

I don’t have to finish.

Maybe I won’t.

It’s probably no good anyway.

In fact, I think it sucks.

I doubt anyone will buy it.

And if they do buy it, they won’t like it.

It’s a good idea to give up.

I’ve got other, better ideas.

That reduced my resistance a lot.

Out with the Bad – In with the Good

Now, I wanted to fill myself with strong, positive, confident feelings of wanting to finish. I wanted to use my new NLT and Matrix Reimprinting skills, plus I wanted to step into a positive resource state, which I first learned from Patricia Carrington and her Choices Method.

I looked back on my life for examples of completing difficult things and feeling great about it.  Couldn’t find any in my current state.

I thought, “Well, who is someone I know or admire who has the traits I want?”  And I thought, Carol Look!  Carol produced several new products last year.  She produced Overwhelm to Calm, her PTSD series and the recent Holiday Abundance package that I’m using to teach a teleseries.

Obviously, Carol is good at finishing things.

I imagined Carol Look in front of me thinking positive, confident, optimistic thoughts about her products.  She knew their value and fully expected people to buy and love them.  I saw her strong posture.  Sensed her emotions of calm, passion, confidence.  I saw her working steadily without distraction.  Then I sensed her happy, satisfied feelings when the product was complete.

I saw myself stepping into Carol’s being, inhabiting her body, mind and emotions.  Feeling what it would feel like to be Carol, think her thoughts, feel her emotions, look out of her eyes.

Then in my mind, I stepped back out of Carol’s body and back into mine, in the present.  I was about to picture myself finishing my product and doing what else needed to be done to put it out for sale, when I heard my name called.  The hotel staff came to tell me that they had found a man to help me get my jeep started.

Isn’t it delightful when the Law of Attraction works so well and so quickly!

15 minutes later, I was on the road to the beachside restaurant where I easily finished the edits to the video and eBook.

So here’s a summary of what I did to recover when things fell apart for me.  This is a method you can use too.

When Things Fall Apart – Putting Them Back Together

Step 1:  Admit it

Recognize your inner resistance, not matter what form it’s appearing in (fatigue, boredom, excited about other shiny object syndrome, loss of interest, sleepiness, sudden need to organize your sock drawer, etc.)

Step 2:  Tap

Sit down and tap while venting.  Just tap on all your resistance, all the reasons you are crashing, all your negative thoughts and feelings.

Step 3:  Gather Your Resources

Imagine a powerful resource.  Here are some choices…

- a memory of a time you were previously successful or felt great about yourself

- a person you know who has the qualities you would like to have right now

- a person you know of, who embodies the qualities you want.  This could be a famous person or even a character from a book, tv show or movie.

- a religious or spiritual being or entity that represents love, compassion, healing or power to you

Step 4:  Fill Yourself Up

With your eyes closed, tapping continually around the points, imagine yourself taking on the qualities you most need right now.

You might see yourself in that previous memory, feeling the positive feelings of that time.  Or see yourself stepping into the body of the person you admire, like I did with Carol Look above.  Or you may imagine a spiritual figure coming to you and giving you, or telling you that you already have, the resources you need.

Use your imagination here and imagine the scene as vividly as you can – including sights, sounds and feelings.

When you are feeling positive emotions and empowering thoughts, move on to Step 5.

Step 5: Hook It Up

Now, using methods inspired by David Hamilton’s wonderful How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and the phenomenal work of Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby with Matrix Reimprinting, hook all this up to the powerful forces in your mind, body, heart and the universal field of energy.

Continuing to tap gently, imagine the positive thoughts and feelings you have now going into your brain, through the top of your head. Imagine every neuron in your brain getting the news that  this is the new reality.

Take your image into your body and announce that this is the new reality.  Imagine every cell getting the news.

Now bring your positive image into your heart and surround it with color. Make that color stronger and brighter.

From your heart, send your positive image into the field of energy all around you and into the universe.

Step 5:  Dance of Gratitude

Now do a little real or  imaginary dance of gratitude. Say or think of several reasons you have to be grateful.

I hope you love this process and it helps you as much as it did me.

Much love,


p.s. Love to hear how you like this procedure.  Leave your reaction in the comments below.

Top photo:  MikeAncient

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