YouTube EFT – Childhood Trauma

EFT Videos Series: EFT Tapping for Healing Childhood Trauma

Here’s a skillful YouTube EFT video by Karl Dawson.  In it he demonstrates a tapping technique for working with a childhood trauma.  The form of tapping therapy Karl uses is especially successful at collapsing the energy that keeps us feeling like that small, scared, hurt child.

This is one of many EFT videos in a series I’m publishing to help show the amazing power of emotional tapping.

Stuck in Time

As Karl says in the introduction, the unresolved early issues are “locked in space and time.  They don’t grow up… As long as they are locked in the energy system, it’s a real life event happening still.”

He uses an interesting tapping therapy in which the client imagines talking to and tapping on herself as a little girl. As the client speaks with the child, Karl taps on various points on the client.

Clear Your Own Childhood Trauma

If you have any childhood trauma you’d like to collapse, you can use the “Borrowing Benefits” tapping technique as you watch.

Here’s the basic Borrowing Benefits method:
1. Decide which issue or event you’d like to work on.
2. Think of a short title for the issue. Write that down.
3. There’s no need to fully re-experience the event; just guess how strongly you would feel, on a scale of 0 – 10, with 10 maximum intensity and 0 no feeling at all.
4. Tap along with Karl and his client, using their words and Karl’s direction.  Since your intention is to resolve your own issue, you will make progress there.
5. Watch and tap along with the tapping portion of this video several times if it helps you get more resolution.

A Question…

How does this EFT tapping technique work so quickly and easily, when other therapeutic methods can take so long to make a difference (if they ever do)?

I’ve got some ideas on this…but I would LOVE to know what you think…

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Natalie Hill

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