EFT Affirmations

EFT for Depression – From Negative to Positive

  Energy and EFT Technique for Depression and The Blues Here I’ll show you a way I use EFT for depression – plus a few other little tricks to get me from feeling bad to good. Even though Mary Poppins could do it, when you’re feeling low – it’s next to impossible to just think happy thoughts! Sometimes our negative state feels like a solid […]


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Tapping Technique: Growing Up Method

This EFT Tapping Technique is one of the best ways to ensure your emotional tapping therapy brings you positive change. It takes you from the immature dumping stage, through dreaming possibilities to deciding to change.


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Tapping Technique: Confused and Stuck

EFT Tapping therapy is often a quick, easy fix when you’re confused and don’t know what to do. Learn this tapping technique and use it next timer you’re stuck.


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EFT Manual, Part 5 – Tapping Technique

EFT Manual, part 5. This is the last in the series of EFT tapping therapy articles, that completes the Emotional Freedom Tapping manual. Sign up for a digital and printable version of the whole manual.


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EFT Tapping in the Desert

EFT Tapping therapy beside a gurgling stream in the Tucson desert. See how to use a nature metaphor as an effective tapping technique. Nature is a great Emotional Freedom Tapping guide and healer.


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