EFT Guide

Tapping Technique: Growing Up Method

This EFT Tapping Technique is one of the best ways to ensure your emotional tapping therapy brings you positive change. It takes you from the immature dumping stage, through dreaming possibilities to deciding to change.


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EFT Manual Part 4, Set-Up Tapping Technique

Part 4 of the EFT Manual. This is your EFT Tapping therapy guide. Sign up for the full digital and printable form of this Emotional Freedom Tapping manual.

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EFT Tapping Manual Part 2

Part 2 of the EFT Manual. Be sure to sign up for the digital and printable version of the manual. This could be your EFT Tapping therapy key to revealing your inner brilliance.

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EFT Manual Part 3, EFT Tapping Points

Part 3 of the EFT manual. This part shows you all the tapping points and has a helpful tapping chart. When you sign up, you’ll get a handy printable version to make EFT tapping therapy easy to learn.


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10 EFT Tapping Technique Tips

10 of the most basic and helpful EFT tapping therapy technique tips. This powerful do-it-yourself method of emotional tapping can help you transform your life.


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EFT Tapping Points – EFT Guide

Here’s an incredibly thorough look at the EFT tapping points with photos and a diagram. Increase the power and effectiveness of your emotional tapping therapy by knowing which energy meridian you’re tapping on and exactly where to tap.


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What is EFT Tapping?

What is EFT tapping, anyway? Emotional Tapping Therapy is a method of self-treatment you can use to transform limiting emotions to peace, focus and power. When you learn tapping technique you have the power to live a full, authentic, joyful, abundant life.


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