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EFT and Tapping Set Up

    EFT Script for Loving and Accepting Yourself The Importance of the EFT and Tapping Set Up How do you feel when you say the classic EFT Set Up phrase – I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Do you find it easy to say and believe? If you do, you may be in the minority. Many people find it difficult to say those words […]


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Exposed – Unhealthy Attachment to My Mac

Well, I made it to the Philippines. Arrived last night just before midnight and got to my hotel, Pension Natividad, at about 1:30 am. Kinda weird to take a 14 hour flight and arrive two days after I left. Anyway, I left from LAX on Thursday, Sept 16, at 1 pm and got into my hotel in Manila on Saturday at 1 am. In case […]


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Are You Embarrassed to Do EFT on an Airplane?

Business Class EFT Tapping If you want to do EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on an airplane, it’s very nice to be in Business Class in your own private travel pod, where someone must be standing right in front of you to see what you’re doing. All was quiet (well, except for the loud drone of the jet engines). After my 2-week old MacBook Air refused […]


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EFT Anxiety Remedy:  SALT Tapping Technique

In this article, I share with you an anxiety remedy I developed from having, reading and learning about anxiety cures, and combining what I learned with a simple tapping technique.


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