Tapping Therapy

Can EFT Technique Help My Son Study?

I got this request from a reader about EFT technique to help her son study. Nalina writes, “Hi i want to do EFT for my son who doesn’t study at all. please help me.” This is an important request and one I wanted to devote a whole article to discussing. I have so much respect for you parents.  The job of raising a child feels […]


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EFT Tapping Technique – Big Red Heart

I’m Over It I had a tapping session with a client yesterday I’ll call “Connie.” We used an EFT tapping technique that worked especially well. We were working to clear anything she had remaining over the sudden death of her adult son, four years ago. At first she told me she had already cleared everything from that tragedy and released the whole event. But I […]


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Letting Go of the Sting of Bad Memories

YouTube EFT Videos Series – See this amazing video by Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Techniques founder. You’ll see visible evidence showing your why EFT Tapping therapy is a powerful Mind Body Therapy.


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EFT Tapping Manual Part 2

Part 2 of the EFT Manual. Be sure to sign up for the digital and printable version of the manual. This could be your EFT Tapping therapy key to revealing your inner brilliance.

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EFT Manual Part 3, EFT Tapping Points

Part 3 of the EFT manual. This part shows you all the tapping points and has a helpful tapping chart. When you sign up, you’ll get a handy printable version to make EFT tapping therapy easy to learn.


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