2012 World Tapping Summit – 10 Steps to Get the Most Transformation

2012 World Tapping SummitThe 2012 Tapping World Summit – How to Get Tangible Results During the Online Event

The 2012 World Tapping Summit will no doubt be better and bigger than any Tapping Summit before.  To get the most healing, transformation and abundance boost from the EFT Summit, here are 10 things you can do.

10 Ways to Use the 2012 World Tapping Summit for Massive Transformation 

1. Intend

First step is to intend to change.  More specifically, decide exactly how you most want to change during the 2012 Tapping Summit.  

Would you like to go from being continually stressed out and anxious to responding to life with calmness and ease?

Would you like to go from doubting yourself and always feeling inadequate to believing in yourself and feeling confident?

Would you like to go from being your own worst critic to accepting and supporting yourself?

Take time, before the Tapping Summit starts, to form – and write your intention. 

2. Ask

Ask for help.  Call this prayer if you wish.  Call on whatever powers you believe in.  It may be God, Goddess, The Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Your Higher Power, Angels, Archangels.  

What matters is that you consciously state your request.  This is the next step beyond Intending and makes the likelihood of the change happening one big step closer to reality. 

3. Sign up

Sign up for two lists.  First, sign up to get Tapping Summit updates.  

When you sign up, you’ll be the first to know when the 2012 Tapping World Summit starts and what’s happening when.

You’ll get an insider’s peak at what’s happening before the EFT Summit begins, as they’re releasing powerful interviews about tapping. And during the Summit itself.

I’ve attended (virtually) every Tapping World Summit before this one and have purchases most of them.  I know or have I’ve worked personally with many of the experts and speakers.  

I’ll give you my honest suggestions for which speakers are my favorites and what you can expect to gain from each.  

Last year I made the commitment to my circle to listen to EVERY SINGLE Tapping World Summit interview.  I did it, but it was grueling and hard.  This year, I’m going to be more selective – choosing the ones that best fit my current needs.

I’ll support you in listening the way that best fits your needs.  

I’ll act as your Tour Guide, helping you to pick what “attractions” you’d like to hit and which to miss. 

Second, when the 2012 Tapping World Summit begins, sign up for that.  If you get your Tapping Update below, I’ll make sure you know when that sign-up is open. 

4. Select

Based on the intentions you made in Step 1, select which experts to listen to.  

But also be open to inspiration along the way.  You may be drawn to some speakers for reasons you can’t explain.  

You may listen to someone on a topic that doesn’t seem to match your intentions at all, only to discover that what you heard was just what you needed to hear the most

5. Schedule

It’s critical that you schedule time to listen, during the 10 days of the EFT World Summit, otherwise, you might not have the time to listen, or the Tapping Summit could just slip by you unnoticed.  

(You can always buy the recordings, of course – if you cannot listen during the event.  I’ve bought the recordings of the past EFT Summits because there were gems I wanted to listen to and tap with again, plus some I missed and wanted to hear.)

All that said, I’m a strong advocate of listening when it’s scheduled. There’s huge energy in participating with the rest of the world.  

And as they say, “There’s no time like the present.”

6. Sit

Sit down and put your full attention into the experts you choose to listen to.  Do not multitask.  

Don’t be checking your email, surfing the web, texting, painting your toenails, doing the dishes, paperwork or doing yoga.  

To get the most transformation from the experts in the 2012 World Tapping Summit, Be Fully Present

(All that said, if you have to choose between not listening at all, and doing something that must be done while listening – listen!)

Do NOTHING except listen and . . .

7. Tap

Of course, you must also tap along.  This is a given.  I’ve heard from people who say that they listened to many of the tapping teachers, but didn’t do any tapping.  

What’s the point? 

That’s like saying, “I lived my life, but didn’t really do anything.  I was just watching to see what everybody else was doing.”  

Tap with every expert you listen to, whether the issue feels like yours or not.  

To maximally Borrow Benefits (a Gary Craig term), write your issue on a piece of paper, so your unconscious is working on that.  But when you tap along, repeat the words of the speaker. 

You will make change you can feel when you tap along during the EFT Summit. 

8. List

Keep a 2012 World Tapping Summit Journal or list.  After each speaker you listen to, take a couple quick minutes to list three things you learned or discovered. 

In this journal, you can create you own tapping scripts if you like.  Note which experts you particularly loved. 

9. Say Thanks

Gratitude is like lubricant for the movement of abundance. So say thanks whenever you can.  You can do this by adding a daily gratitude list to your Tapping Journal.  

You can give thanks to Jessica, Nick and Alex Ortner at the Tapping World Summit blog or on Jess’s facebook page. 

You can email them personally. 

You can give thanks here, in the comments below on this page. 

You can simply think your thanks or say them out loud. You can thank yourself for participating in the World Tapping Summit.

10. Continue 

Keep tapping!  

If you knew me BT (Before Tapping) and now, you wouldn’t even recognized the new me.  Believe me, tapping can totally transform your life. 

Make the commitment to tap daily, even it it’s only for three short minutes.  This alone can make an enormous difference, as you make small improvements over time. 

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to tap daily is to do this morning routine

Daily Transformational Tap

1. Tap one or two rounds on your fears and doubts (we all have them – and facing them head-on is a powerful way to diffuse their power. 

2. Tap a round on what you’d rather be feeling and thinking.  You can start your tapping phrases with, “What if . . .”

3.  Tap a round on what you CHOOSE to feel and think.  Start your tapping phrases with, “I now choose . . .”

Using these 10 ways can help make the 2012 World Tapping Summit the best ever, and a transformational tool for you.  You CAN live a better, happier, more vibrant, energized life.  

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