2013 Tapping World Summit

Ready for the 2013 Tapping World Summit?

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As part of the “pre-launch,” Nick Ortner, of The Tapping Solution, interviews Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and acclaimed expert in Affirmations.

Louise is 86 and FABULOUS!  

Yep, it’s launching in January this year, with some great new videos.  Then the official 2013 World Tapping Summit starts February 4.

What is Tapping?  Does Tapping Really Work?

Tapping is commonly known as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tapping is one type of energy psychology that has been described as a combination of Eastern medicine and modern psychology. 

EFT is typically extremely effective at relieving both physical issues, such as back pain or headaches and emotional issues. 

You might be wondering how you’d benefit from signing up for the free World Tapping Summit 2013. 

Here are some benefits of Tapping:

  • Tapping improves your mood
  • Tapping gives you energy
  • When you Tap, you focus on your feelings, and you gain the wisdom these feelings hold
  • When you Tap, you move the energy of the thoughts and emotions relating to your issue
  • Tapping can relieve pain – both emotional and physical
  • By Tapping, you can gain wisdom and clarity about something that left you frustrated, confused or blocked before
This list could go for pages, there are so many benefits of doing EFT. If you haven’t ever participated in one of the Tapping World Summits before, here’s what’s in store for you. 

What can you expect at the Tapping Summit?

In the Tapping World Summit 2013, here’s what you can expect:

  • basic instruction in how to Tap, or how to do EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • specialized instruction in how to Tap for  a whole host of issues – from anxiety, to anger, to physical pain, to romance, to money issues and abundance
  • tap along tapping sessions in all those different areas
  • in depth interviews with a variety of experts in the field of EFT, Tapping

“See” you there!



P.S. To get all the science behind Tapping, sign up for the 2013 Tapping World Summit here now.  

(David Feinstein speaks about how EFT works in the brain.  David is the husband of Donna Eden – Energy Medicine author and teacher.)

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