Burned Out on the Tapping World Summit 2011

Burned Out on the 2011 Tapping World SummitTapping World Summit 2011 Blues

When Too Much of a Good Thing is No Longer a Good Thing

Tapping World Summit 2012 Update:

You can register April 16 and the Summit itself starts May 7.

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Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this to you, but I just discovered this morning that I’m getting burned out on the World Tapping Summit 2011.

I’m a teensy bit embarrassed to admit that, since tapping is totally supposed to be my thing, right?

I love it.

I tap a lot.

I help others with tapping.

Blah, blah, blah.

Well, it’s true. I am getting burned out.

Tapping World Summit Review

See the review I did of the Tapping Summit product.  I let you watch over my shoulder as I make my ordering decisions, let you see the bonuses they offer and share with you my reactions to the products and the Workbook. Here’s my World Summit Product review.

When I turned on my computer and had left open my link to the Summit audio page, and saw that Day 7 is ready for listening, I felt this sinking feeling in my body.

I felt like I would after a day in the Smithsonian, loving every minute, but feeling like I just can’t take any more fantastic stuff.

And thoughts popped up like,

“Oh no, I have to listen to 4 more days of this. And I have to, since I made this commitment to my readers. So I have to do what I said I would. This feels like a burden.”


Maybe I’ll tap on this.”

Then I thought – I wonder if any of the hundred or so people who also committed (via an email “Yes” to me) to listen to the entire thing, are also feeling this way.

So I created a script for both of us.

I’m calling it…

Burned Out on the EFT Summit

Tapping Set Up

Even though I’m just not sure I can hang in there for four more days of the World Tapping Summit, I accept myself anyway.

Even though I may not be taking full advantage of this amazing and free tapping opportunity, I want to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though it seems like this World Tapping Summit is lasting an eternity, and 10 days seems like a VERY LONG TIME, I accept myself and all my feelings.

Tapping through the points

Is this thing still going on?
This World Tapping Summit?
Four more days!
I don’t know if I can hang in there.
It’s been phenomenal so far
I’ve learned so much
I’ve tapped through all sorts of blocks
I’ve learned so much.
I’ve loved most of the speakers
I’ve listened as well as I could
I’ve carved out time I didn’t think I had
But four more days!!!
Can I really hang in there?
How much can a person grow in one chunk?
I just can’t listen any more.
I just can’t tap any more.
I’m all tapped out.
Enough already.
Maybe I’ll quit
I’ve listened to 6 days already
That’s a lot
Isn’t that enough?

Deep breath

Tapping through the points

I give myself permission to quit.
And I give myself permission to keep listening.
And I give myself permission to choose what I listen to.
I approve of myself either way.
If it’s too much for me now, and I want to take advantage of it,
I can always buy the recordings.
But I don’t have to do that either.
I can do what I want.
No one is in charge of me but me.
This is my choice.
And I’ve decided to feel good about whatever I decide.
I like the Summit.
I hate the Summit.
It’s a blessing.
It’s a curse.
It’s a great opportunity.
It’s a huge burden.
Actually, it’s whatever I choose to make it.
And there are hundreds of great opportunities in every moment.
There’s no way I can take advantage of them all.
And I have the choice of listening to it now,
Listening later,
Listening to some,
Listening to all,
Or skipping the whole thing.
And all those choices are good ones.
I’m just going to relax and let myself off the hook.
I’m doing my best.
And that’s good enough.

No longer burned out on the 2011 Tapping World Summit,


from Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand

p.s. With slight adaptations, you could use this script for anything you feel obligated to do, burdened by or burned out from.

p.p.s. Get ready for the 2012 Tapping World Summit here.



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