EFT Summit: The Great Tapping Hoax

EFT Summit Great Tapping HoaxThe EFT World Summit Revealed

What is the EFT Summit anyway?  Is tapping a hoax or is it for real.  Let’s explore the EFT World Summit right now. 

What is the Tapping World Summit?

The EFT World Summit is an online event that happens for 10 consecutive days.  During this time, you can learn how to use EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques – commonly called Tapping.

During the interviews, you can actually implement the process on the issues in your own life so you can truly feel and see real results.  You do this by tapping along as you’re guided to do. 

This event is free during while it’s live, and you can purchase the cds or mp3 after it’s over.

Why Would You Want to Attend the EFT Summit?

Ultimately, we’re all looking to improve the quality of our lives in ways that we can see, feel and be – and that others can witness in us.

What I mean by ways we can see and feel, is this.

We may want to see more money coming into our lives.

We may want to feel much happier than we are right now.

We may want to  be in a loving relationship (or a more loving relationship). 

We’re looking for improvements in the quality of our lives in ways that we can actually say, “My life is so much better now.  I can really see and feel the difference.”

Does Tapping Really Work?

Tapping has been shown to work over and over on a huge variety of things.  

The list of things tapping has worked on is so long that Gary Craig, the inventor of Emotional Freedom Techniques has said, “Try it on everything!

The reason tapping works on so many different things is because it works on the element that is at the root of everything in our life – energy!

Bob Proctor said that, “The truth is that people are starting to wake up to the reality that the human body is an energy field and that we can work with it to get what we want.

What Can I Tap On?

The list is so long it wouldn’t make sense to write it here (but maybe I’ll create an article with just the long list!), but here are a few of the things that tapping has been shown to work on:

  • increasing your wealth – attracting more money into your life
  • reducing chronic pain
  • resolving emotional problems
  • overcoming addictions
  • eliminating phobias
  • relieving the stress underlying physical diseases
  • clearing the limiting beliefs that hold people back from living the life they want
To really determine whether tapping is a hoax or is for real, you’ll have to check out the EFT Summit for yourself. 

Be In the Know

Want to be kept informed about the dates and experts featured in the Tapping World Summit this year?  Just fill in your name and email below.  I’ll let you know when it all starts, so you can get signed up and get a “front row seat!”


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