EFT World Summit – What is it? What goes on?

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EFT Summit

What can you expect at the EFT World Summit?

First, for about three weeks before the official Tapping Summit begins, you’ll have access to some amazing video interview of experts in the field of Tapping and Energy Psychology. 

From these videos, you’ll learn the scientific underpinnings of EFT – how and why it works. 

These are not to be missed and will greatly enhance your motivation for – and the benefits you get – from the next stage of the EFT World Summit. 

The second EFT Summit stage is 10 days of interviews with experts in the EFT field.  There will be 2 interview each day and you can listen to them free – and freely – for a full 24 hours. 

After that, you’ll have access to another two Tapping Experts. During this 10-day period, you may be able to buy the mp3 recordings and downloadable workbook or hard copies of the CDs and workbook – but I’m not sure how the Ortners will run it this year. 

Each of the experts in the Tapping Summit is going to be interviewed by Jessica Ortner for usually about an hour. In that hour, the expert is going to teach you some information about his or her particular area of expertise.

So you’ll learn a lot about attracting money or a soulmate, overcoming anxiety, anger or physical pain or whatever the topic is.

But then, just as great as that, you’re gonna do some tapping. You are going to do quite a bit of tapping. During this tapping, change can really happen for you.

You can let go of some limiting patterns that have kept you poor, or in pain, or alone, or anxious, or angry.

You can feel the shift immediately in that hour and beyond.

So that’s what happens in the tapping summit.

Want to know more about Tapping and EFT?  

Here are some steps you can take. 

1.  Get the EFT Manual and begin learning EFT before the Tapping Summit starts.  That will give you simple and thorough instruction you can refer to again and again, and even print out if you like. 

2.  Learn the tapping points.  You can learn them in 1 minute, then you’ll feel more confident to start tapping. 

3.  Try out the simplest tapping technique of all:  Just Tap

4.  Make a list of 10 upsetting memories from your childhood.  Watch how I clear the memory of wrecking my brother’s red Camero when I was 15.  Pick an easy one from your list.  Tap to clear your childhood memory.  This is the start of personal freedom.  Hooray! 

5.  Get inspired about the life-changing potential of EFT.  Watch this awesome tapping movie and witness the changes in the lives of 10 people.  

6.  Learn how to make EFT work every time - and get the tools to make your life better and better every day. 

7.  Sign up and get updates for the Tapping World Summit.

8. Keep tapping!

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