Jack Canfield Quotes About EFT

Jack Canfield Does EFT

In this informative and inspiring Video, full of wonderful Jack Canfield quotes as he tells about how he first learned about EFT and how he’s used it since then.

At the 12 minute, 30 second mark, he tells us how people get the belief that money is evil …something EFT can reverse, of course.

Listen for Jack Canfield quotes here

Tapping World Summit 2011 - Jack Canfield Video

And at 19 minutes comes one of my favorite parts of the interview.  This is when Jack’s wife told him about what the Golden Buddha they saw in Bangkok, Thailand represented.  This is the solid gold Buddha that had been encased in clay for protection. (You know I’d love that, since I’m here in Thailand myself.)

If you’re so inspired, leave a comment with your favorite Jack Canfield quote.

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