Review of Tapping World Summit 2011

Are You Considering Buying the 2011 Tapping World Summit Audios and Workbook?

I decided to buy the 2011 Tapping World Summit audios and Workbook, even though I’d already listened to every audio during the Summit.  Here’s why, along with a peek over my shoulder as order and a review of the product.

So why did I buy them, you’re wondering?

Four reasons.

One:  There were some interviews that were so mind blowing and transformative I wanted to listen again, when I could take my time, stop the audio and do my own tapping.  The two on money and Jessica’s on weight loss were like that for me.

Two:  Some were such new learning experiences for me, I wanted the time to listen again and take notes, so I could incorporate what I’d learned with my work with clients.  Stacey’s on Anger, Sasha’s on relationships and Steve Wells on tapping with kids were all important to me and contained new information for my practice.

Three: They kept referring to that cool workbook, like it had additional information and tapping and I wanted it!

Four:  I figured if I bought it and reviewed it, you could benefit from my review and would have a much better idea if it was something you wanted to buy.  I could save you money if it turned out you wouldn’t appreciate it.

The Ordering Process

Downloading the Audios and Workbook

Within seconds of placing my order and paying with Paypal (I used my credit card), the product downloads came in my email.

I then downloaded all the audios and the workbooks.

That took me around 10 minutes.

I created a folder I named TWS and organized all the downloads into two separate folders within The TWS folder.

I called those folders Audios and Workbook.

I ended up with a total of 25 audio recordings and 20 sections of the workbook, that were conveniently separated by topic.

Another great thing is that the transcript of every interview is also available.  If you’d rather read than listen, of if you like to read along as you listen, those are a terrific resource.


The Workbook

The Workbook was the big unknown with this purchase.  Since I’d had a chance to listen to the audios (all but the bonus audios) already, I already knew of their high quality.

I was excited about the workbook and hoping it would live up to my expectations.  I’ll take you through one section. I’ve just read the section of the Workbook by Jessica Ortner, Releasing the Emotions that Keep You Stuck and Overweight.

Releasing the Emotions that Keep You Stuck and Overweight

I expected to read a transcript of her interview, but was surprised to find something completely different.  I found it well-written, easy to either read carefully or skim through and attractively formatted (that’s important to me).

Most importantly for me, it was packed full of EFT scripts.  This section was ten pages long and had tapping scripts on nine of the ten pages.  That’s exactly what I was hoping for.

I wanted to see if other sections of the workbook were as well-written and powerful as Jessica’s was. So I reviewed the section on Making the Leap from Debt to Financial Wealth by Margaret Lynch.

Making the Leap from Debt to Financial Wealth

This Workbook section is 25 pages long and there are tapping scripts on 17 of those pages.  It is also cleverly written and I enjoyed reading it.

Even though debt is not an issue for me, I still have lots of money blocks to clear.  I experienced some powerful shifts listening to Margaret’s interview.

I’m confident that her Workbook section will help me.

I can always change the wording a little to make her scripts more specific to my situation.

Who Are the Tapping World Summit Recordings For?

These recordings are for…

  • anyone who missed some or all of the Summit when it was live
  • those who found some of the interviews helpful, and want to listen again and use the Workbook to go deeper
  • EFT practitioners or anyone who uses EFT professionally.  These folks may want to take advantage of the great learning opportunity here.
  • people sincere about overcoming their emotional blocks to health, happiness, wealth or love

Who  Are the Tapping World Summit Recordings NOT For?

I’d say you’d want to pass on buying these if…

  • you know you’ll never listen to them or take advantage of the written Workbook
  • you are not using EFT, you’re not doing any Tapping
  • you are not sincere about overcoming your blocks and are content to stay where you are

My Problems With this Product

The only downside I could possibly think of for this product is that getting so much information all at once can lead to overwhelm.  You might not get started at all, if you feel like there’s just too much to do.

In that case I have a few suggestions to eliminate possible overwhelm.

Go through the audios and the Workbook, with a buddy.  Get together with a friend and listen together, stopping the audios to do extra tapping, ask questions or discuss things with each other.

Another choice is to make a commitment to yourself (or work with a practitioner or coach).

Commit to doing one audio and Workbook section each week.  You could do five or ten minutes of tapping each day on the topic.

Even if you choose to only do half of the audios that way, you’d be tapping daily for 10 weeks.  You could expect to witness dramatic positive changes in your emotions and you life if you did that.

You would experience powerful shifts in the area of your tapping.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you find yourself thinking you could benefit from the Tapping World Summit audios and workbook, what are you waiting for?  These valuable resources will only be available for a few more days, then they’ll be gone.

Click here to learn more or buy them now.


March 12, 2011 Update on the Tapping Summit.

The 2011 Tapping World Summit is now over.  The audios can no longer be purchased.  The 2012 Tapping World Summit will begin in around a year from now.  Click here to sign up for Tapping Summit updates.


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