Tapping Summit 2012 – What Is It?

2012 EFT Summit

The Tapping Summit 2012 is an event that lasts about 45 days over all. In it, you can learn how to tap, learn how to do EFT, you can clear all kinds of traumas or blockages or resistance or limiting beliefs.

You can replace all of those things that are actively in you and replace them with confidence, peace, optimism, energy, resourcefulness.

It’s pretty wonderful.

There will be several great video interviews that you get before the actual summit starts.

The official summit is ten days long. During those ten days, you will receive the ability to listen to two interviews each day – all for free.

In those interviews, you’ll meet different amazing experts for each interview on tapping. The topics will range from Law of Attraction, earning more money, relationships, pain relief, tapping for physical ailments, limiting emotions like anger or fear.

You’ll also be able to tap along with each one of those speakers which is really the most phenomenal and amazing part of the summit. Because what that means, is that during the hour or so that the expert is on you can make significant change in your life.

It’s amazing.

The ten days of the summit, which is free by the way, I’d say is worth years of therapy.

Last year I made the commitment to listen to all twenty interviews for ten days. It was great but turned out to be a little much. Maybe because I was also working at the same time.

So I’m not going to make that commitment this year, but what I will do is I’ll pay attention to those experts and topics that are most applicable to what I really want to learn and change.

That’s what Tapping Summit 2012 is and I hope to see you there!



p.s. Yes, you can get started with EFT and Tapping today!

One of the best ways to get started tapping is to watch a tapping movie.  This movie was made by the same folks who bring us the Tapping World Summit, Nick, Alex and Jessica Ortner.  

I highly recommend this movie – and have watched it many times, plus given away a dozen copies. 

Don’t want to spend any money to get started?  

You don’t have to!  Sign up for my EFT manual.  It’s free – and will start you on a path to personal transformation. 

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