Tapping Summit: Don’t Do These 7 Things When Listening

Tapping Summit, 7 Mistakes to Avoid7 Mistakes to Avoid in the Tapping World Summit

The Tapping Summit is approaching.  It’s a phenomenal event and fully worth listening to every free minute you have.

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Here are 7 Things You Should Not Do While Listening to the Tapping Summit

1. Think You Can Multitask While Listening

Your brain can only consciously attend to one thing at a time.  So if you’re serious about getting the absolute most out of this amazing event, just do one thing while listening:  LISTEN.  Well, I’ll allow you to take notes and tap.  But that’s all!

2. Plan to Listen to EVERY Single Speaker

If you do, like I did last year, you’ll begin to lose track of the gems.  And, you’ll get burnt out on the Tapping Summit, which is a huge shame. 

Allow yourself to listen to some, but don’t force yourself to listen to them all. 

3. Randomly Tune in Now and Then

If you truly want to transform during this event, here’s what I recommend. 

First:  List the top three things you’d like to change in your life and why you want to change them. 

Second:  When you get information about the Tapping World Summit schedule, choose YOUR listening schedule based on which topics match the things you want to change. 

This way, you’ll get much more out of the event. 

4. Let it Unfold as It Will

This is a common way most of us go through life.  We’re not clear about our destination, so we don’t have a clue whether we’re on the right path or not. 

Instead, do this.  Sit for a few minutes before the EFT Summit starts.  Quiet your mind by noticing your breath for 10 or so breaths.  

Ask yourself, what would I most like to get from the World Tapping Summit?  Write down your intention.  

This small step can make a world of difference. 

5. Listen Now, Tap Later

In anything in life, if you tell yourself that you’re just being an observer for now, but you’ll go back later and take full advantage of whatever it is, you’re fooling yourself. 

This is like the dad I heard about at the Grand Canyon.  They pulled up to the rim in their car and the family came pouring out, gawking at the awesome scene before them. 

The father panned across the panorama with his movie camera, then called to his family, “Get back in the car. You can look at it when we get home.

Experience your life now, in the moment, fully.

This is the only now you’ll ever have. 

So tap along with every speaker, whether you think you have the issue they’re tapping on or not. 

6. I’m Too Messed Up.  Tapping Can’t Help Me

I’m pretty familiar with this one, because I’ve felt it enough times myself. 

If this particular belief is helping you feel better, enjoy your life more, have greater success . . . keep it!

On the other hand, if it’s holding you back, keeping you stuck, preventing you from feeling better and having greater success, I suggest you listen to the speakers and tap along. 

Just allow the possibility that even though you’re pretty messed up, you just might change a tiny bit for the better. 

7. Tapping Is Stupid

Yep, I bought this one when I first encountered Tapping.  It definitely looks stupid. 

But since there’s now plenty of science behind how and why it works, it’s actually kind of stupid to ignore it!

Here’s a smarter path.  Ask, “Will this help me live the life I want to live?  Will this help me make my dreams come true?  Will this help me be happer, healthier, be less in pain and more in passion?”  

If you get a “YES” answer to any of those questions, check into it more deeply . . . even if it looks stupid. 


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