Tapping World Summit 2012 – Can You Change in an Hour?

The Tapping Summit 2012 — How can I possibly change in an hour?


Tapping World Summit 2012 Question:  What could one hour do for issues that I’ve been dragging around with me for decades?

Good question!

It’s got to seem very unlikely that there is an technique out there that could enable you to release, reverse, heal from issues or syndromes or conditions or beliefs that you’ve been carrying with you for years – even decades.

So, instead of me telling you all the ways I’ve changed in minutes by using EFT, I’ll just encourage you to come to the free Tapping World Summit and test it out for yourself. 

Actually, let me say it the way one of the EFT experts has said it before — If you can get traumatized in a few minutes, why can’t you release that trauma, why can’t you change in a day, an hour, a few minutes?

When you do attend the entirely free 10-day Tapping Summit, here are some things to do that will help you maximize the effectiveness of “being there.” 

Tapping World Summit 2012 Maximizers

1. Get comfy and settled on your sofa, in your jammies, with your pillows, blanky and a glass of water.  That’s so you can relax and pay maximal attention to the one or two Tapping Experts you’ll listen to. 

2.  Remove distractions.  Turn off the tv, cell phone and ask those around you to give you peace and solitude for your hour. 

3. Pay full attention to the EFT Expert.  Do not be tempted to multi-task by checking email or surfing the web.  Sit back, relax and put all of your attention on the speaker.

4. Take notes. This will help you pay even closer attention.  Since the interviews are all pre-recorded, you can stop the audio to write down the parts most interesting and transformative to you. 

5. Before the Tapping Summit even begins (I should have put this as #1), write down the issue, condition, challenge or problem you’d most like to solve in the next 10 days.  The one thing that would make the most difference in your life. 

Then, no matter what topic the EFT Summit is focused on, no matter what words you are saying when you tap, your unconscious mind is working on healing the issue you wrote down. 

6. Tap along.  Even if you’re new to EFT.  Even if the topic is not exactly yours.  Put your all into it and tap with Jessica Ortner and the speaker. This will give you the most change, transformation and healing. 

7.  Come back here and leave a comment – or send me a message – letting me know how this worked for you.  I’d love to hear about your transformation. 

So, to recap:

2012 Tapping World Summit

Tap along.

Do it with full participation, 100% participation.

Listen fully, don’t multi-task.  Tap along with the experts.

Then see for yourself how you can change in an hour.

Because my suggestion is, you can!

The Tapping World Summit 2012 is a phenomenal opportunity to change in an hour – with 2 chances a day over a 10 day period.

From around May 7 – May 16, you’ll be able to listen to and tap along with 20 different EFT experts.  

That’s a lot of opportunity to change!

Hope to “see” you at the 2012 Tapping World Summit!


p.s. New to tapping?  

Here are three ways to learn more about EFT and prepare yourself for the EFT Summit. 

1.  Get the EFT Manual.  You’ll learn how to tap easily and quickly with this handy EFT manual. 

2.  Learn the tapping points.  This is a quick way to gain confidence in a few minutes. 

3.  Come to the 2012 World Tapping Summit.  Get updates right here. Then attend the EFT Summit and tap along.  


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