The Tapping World Summit: Joe Vitale Talks About Tapping

The World Tapping Summit This Year – Join Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bruce Lipton and Bob Proctor in Tapping

The Tapping World Summit is a free annual online event that draws hundreds of thousands of people looking for a better life.  Tapping can help you get happier, have more energy, attract a soulmate, increase your wealth and reduce physical pain. 

Sound impossible?

You can join the ranks of some pretty famous people who tap and teach tapping to others. 

Who’s Talking About the Tapping World Summit?

The Tapping World Summit Joe VitaleJoe Vitale and Tapping

Joe Vitale is a tapping proponent.  He learned the predecessor to EFT, Thought Field Therapy in order to cure his fear of public speaking. 

Joe Vitale said when he first heard of it he “was skeptical, but also desperate.”  He describes the results as “just short of phenomenal.”  He said he could actually feel his body relax and shift.

“I’m just tapping away the problems,” Joe Vitale sums it up in an interview with Jessica Ortner.  

2012 EFT Summit Bob ProctorBob Proctor

Bob Proctor said “Everything is energy. There is nowhere that energy is not.  Your entire body is energy.  Everything you deal with is energy. It’s understanding it from a personal perspective that I think is vital if you really want to live a full life.”  

As a professional in the human potential movement, Bob is a proponent of all methods that help us change our energy.

 Jack Canfield and Tapping

2012 Tapping World Summit Jack CanfieldJack Canfield taps.  He’s is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. 

Jack first heard about EFT from some trainers and practitioners of Tapping.  

He realized he could use tapping for releasing limiting beliefs and overcoming painful emotions. 

Canfield said that in order to benefit from the Law of Attraction, we need to keep a high energetic vibration.  And in order to have a high vibration, we need to be feeling positive emotions.  

With the drive to manifest good things in his life, he wanted to find a technique he could use for himself and  teach others to easily and quickly transform their emotions.

Jack Canfield found EFT to be one of the best methods out there for rapidly transforming emotions. 

He described tapping as the most simple and quick method for most people. He teaches tapping to large groups. Canfield called Tapping, “Easy and quickly learnable.”

2012 EFT Summit Bruce LiptonBruce Lipton and EFT

Bruce Lipton talks about how we believed we were victims of heredity and that our genes are in charge of our health, but those are not true.  Dr. Lipton recommends tapping to help let go of those common beliefs. 

He says that our unconscious minds are in control, but we can change your unconscious minds with EFT.

These four gentlemen have played important roles in the information provided by the Tapping Summit.  Would you like to get advance notice of when the Tapping World Summit well be held this year?  And get insider information about the speakers?

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