World Tapping Summit 2012, Put On By the Ortner Family

Tapping World Summit 2012

I want to tell you about the World Tapping Summit 2012.

This is an amazing free event put on by the Ortner family. Namely Jessica Ortner, Nick Ortner, Alex Ortner and their dad whose name I can’t remember.

Nick Ortner and Natalie Hill

Nick Ortner and me

It’s a whole family operation.

During this summit, you have the opportunity to transform just about every limiting belief or every issue whether it’s health, wellness, weight, fitness, emotions, relationships, success — you have the opportunity to transform any of those that you would like to transform.

Nick Ortner is one of those rare, charismatic, super-motivating and ultra-successful people.  I think he’s a natural leader, who people are drawn to automatically. 

Alex Ortner is genuine, friendly, warm – a great dad – and easy to be around. He’s a talented businessman . . . the kind of person I would trust with anything.

I found Jessica Ortner to be more quiet than her brothers.  But I sensed the power under her quiet exterior.  In the years of the Tapping Summit, Jess has grown stronger and stronger in her interview skills.  In last year’s EFT Summit, I thought she was fantastic.  

Intelligent, articulate, intuitive . . . Jessica Ortner brought out the best of each of the EFT experts.  

And Martin Ortner, the dad to Alex, Jess and Nick, is a delightful man.  Kind, warm, committed to the project. What a gift to be working together as a family!

One of the things that comes through from the whole Ortner family is their commitment to helping other people.  Yes, they make a living from this work, but their big WHY is to transform lives. To make their work free to anyone.  

I love that about them. It makes me want to participate so I can help others too. 

How do you do the EFT Summit?

Alex Ortner with his kids

Alex Ortner and his kids

You just sit down, nothing else to do, no multi-tasking – no checking your email or anything like that – just listen fully to the experts that call to you. To the topics that you’re interested in.

When the time comes to tap, tap along.

Even if the issue doesn’t seem like it’s perfectly yours, like it doesn’t seem to you that it’s exactly what you’re working on, tap on it anyway. Say the words. You will be amazed at the changes that you can make.

I’d love to hear from you after you do that and you make those changes.

Hope to see you at the World Tapping Summit 2012!

Jessica Ortner and Natalie Hill

Jessica Ortner and me!



p.s. Want to get started with EFT now, before the Tapping Summit starts?  Here are 8 things you can do to start tapping now:

  1. Get my free EFT Manual.  This manual will teach you easily and thoroughly how to tap.  You can print it or read it on your computer. 

  2. Learn the EFT tapping points.  You’ll learn these points in one minute.  Then you’ll feel more confident in how to tap. 

  3. Try this method – the most simple tapping method of all:  Just Tap

  4. Daddy Ortner

    Martin Ortner - Dad!

    Take out a pen and paper.  Quickly think of 5 disturbing memories from your childhood years. Now watch me clear the memory of wrecking my brother’s red Camero when I was learning to drive – just 15 years old.  Now pick your easiest memory and tap on it like I did.  You are on your way to personal freedom! 

  5. Watch this amazing and awesome tapping movie for an inspirational story about how EFT changed the lives of 10 people.

  6. Teach yourself how to make EFT work every time - and equip yourself with the tools for a better life that stays that way.

  7. Stay informed about the dates and times of the Tapping World Summit and take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity to welcome change into your life. Let go of feeling stressed, insecure, powerless or procrastinating . . . and become peaceful, strong, confident and powerful! Click here to get updates.

  8. Keep tapping!

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