World Tapping Summit, EFT Summit – How Do They Make Any Money if Its Free?

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Here are questions I get about the World Tapping Summit —  

How do they make their money if the whole event is free?

The online event lasts for over a month and how can they afford to put it on?

How do they make any money at all doing this event?

These are very good question because there are lots of people involved and it takes months of work to prepare for the Tapping World Summit. 

Well, the way they make their money is simple.

At the end of each World Tapping Summit, you can buy the recordings from the Tapping Summit. It’s completely optional and most people choose to simply listen without spending a cent.  But the option is there if you want it.

You can either buy then in an MP3 downloadable format or you can get the hard copies shipped to you.

Even though I listen to most of the summit every year.

(Last year I listened to all 10 hours and watched every video – whew! But I still bought the mp3 recordings because there were a couple of interviews I wanted to listen to over and over again.)

Either way, you get a workbook for the whole thing which gives you more information, tapping scripts and help on how to use the information that you got from each expert in the summit.

So there you go. Hope to see you at the World Tapping Summit this year.



p.s. If you want to start using EFT now even before the Tapping Summit, check out this list of 8 things you can do to start tapping right away:

1.  Get the EFT Manual.  That will give you simple and thorough instruction you can refer to again and again, and even print out if you like.

2.  Learn the tapping points.  You can learn them in 1 minute, then you’ll feel more confident to start tapping.

3.  Try out the simplest tapping technique of all:  Just Tap

4.  Make a list of 10 upsetting memories from your childhood.  Watch how I clear the memory of wrecking my brother’s red Camero when I was 15.  Pick an easy one from your list.  Tap to clear your childhood memory.  This is the start of personal freedom.  Hooray! 

5.  Witness how EFT changes the lives of these 10 people by watching this awesome tapping movie and let the life-changing potential of EFT inspire you.

6.  Get the tools for a better life and find out how to make EFT work every time.

7.  You can also get updates to the Tapping World Summit. 

8.  Keep tapping!

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