The World Tapping Summit – What Does it Cost?

 Tapping World Summit

 A question that is commonly asked about the World Tapping Summit — Does it cost anything? Does it cost anything to participate?

Sign up for this year’s Tapping World Summit.  Click here.  

The answer, amazingly, is No the EFT Summit doesn’t cost anything!

It will be going on for ten days plus.

There will be some days in the beginning where you get some wonderful free videos and learning how to tap and there will be ten days during the summit where you can listen to at least two speakers each day. Each speaker is available for 24 hours.

You can get access to the entire thing for nothing. Completely for free!

What Would Like to Change at the World Tapping Summit?

It’s a phenomenal opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

And, it’s an amazing gift the Ortner family give to the world each year.  Preparing for the Tapping Summit takes a large team of people months of work the entire year in advance of the EFT Summit. 

And less than 10% of us attending the summit choose to buy anything.  So this is a giant boost in consciousness and healing they give to the world.  

I hope you’ll choose to be one of those raising your vibration and soaking up the EFT Tapping skills and techniques from the Tapping Summit.  They offer everything from the most basic, new-to-EFT skills to advanced tapping techniques that even the professional EFT practitioners might now know. 

Use this link to get your “ticket” so you’ll be informed of when the Tapping World Summit 2012 registration opens and when all the experts begin sharing their tapping wisdom. 

So I hope you’re there. I hope to see YOU there.



p.s. Make your way to a life transformation you’ve been waiting to happen and start tapping today. Here are 8 things you can do: 

  1. Do you want a printable guide that gives you easy, step by step, detailed instructions about tapping? Get the EFT Manual and refer to it anytime for as long as you need it.

  2. Learn the tapping points and start tapping in 1 minute confidently.

  3. Explore easiest tapping technique of all:  Just Tap!

  4. List 5 disturbing memories from your childhood. Pick the most mild one from your list. 

    Watch how I clear the memory of wrecking my brother’s red Camero when I was 15 by tapping. 

    Do the same thing and tap that childhood memory away. You’ll feel better with each memory you clear by using EFT!

  5. Witness the changes in the lives of 10 people and get inspired in the life-changing potential of EFT.  

    Watch this awesome tapping movie.  

  6. Do you want to keep yourself posted about the schedules of this remarkable opportunity to let go of feeling stressed, insecure, powerless or procrastinating . . . and emerge peaceful, strong, confident and powerful

    Sign up for the Tapping World Summit now.

  7. Get one of the most helpful tools to make your life better and better every day. Understand how to make EFT work every time 

  8. Keep tapping!


p.p.s.  Last year over 300,000 people attend the World Tapping Summit and the Tapping World Summit this year is expected to attract even more people. 

Will you be one?

Sign up for free here.  

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