Tell the Story

Great for tapping on accidents, like the one I tell about in this video.

This method is one you’ll use over and over.

It’s great for adults and also for kids.

If you or a child is upset and wants to talk about something that happened, you can suggest they tap as they tell you the story.  (Or you tap as you tell the story.)  You’ll feel much better when you get to the end of your story.

This method is also the core practice of clearing a lifetime of traumatic events.


It’s not a good idea to do EFT on yourself on what we call your Big T Traumas.  

Big T Traumas are the ones involving violence, abuse, horror.  These need to be worked on with an experienced professional.

I don’t personally do trauma work, but I can recommend several wonderful EFT pros, so please contact me if you’d like a referral.

I invite ou to leave your comments, impressions, experience in the comments below!


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