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Give the Gift of Healing and Abundance

If you’d like to buy your loved ones the gift of healing, wholeness and abundance for holiday gifts, here are some you can consider.

Below are an assortment of products created by some of my personal favorite teachers and mentors.  I love supporting their work by recommending their products.

EFT Products

EFT Manual by Gary Craig

This is the original EFT manual that Gary Craig, EFT Founder, used to give away on emofree.com. Since Gary’s site no longer exists, his wonderful free manual is gone too. This book is how you can still get this classic.

Although I find this manual a little wordy, I love and admire Gary Craig.  His writings are highly inspirational to me.

Who shouldn’t buy it:  If you already have Gary’s EFT manual printed out, you may not feel the need to buy this.

Here’s Gary Craig’s original EFT Manual as a bound book from Amazon:  The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT Hub Radio

This is an online radio show all about EFT and other innovative mind body processes.  This site has dozens of resources for anyone – introductory tapping instructions for beginners and advanced techniques for experienced practitioners.

You can use Emotional Freedom Techniques to become happier and more at ease, develop better relationships, increase your income, sleep better and improve your health.

Learn more at  EFT Hub Radio

Now, through December 23, there is a 50% sale for a lifetime membership.  That’s a great deal to have a permanent and continually growing tapping resource.  Here’s the link:  http://bit.ly/gHei4A

Who shouldn’t buy it: If you hate listening to audio and prefer reading, this would be a poor choice.

Carol Look, EFT Master

Carol Look is one of my absolute favorite EFT Masters and trainers. I like her simple, no-nonsense approach.  Carol is not one of the EFT innovators, but her approach always works.  I’ve enjoyed learning and healing from her workshops and her products.

Attracting Abundance with EFT E-Book and Audios

Attracting Abundance with EFT

Carol’s specialty is combining EFT with the Law of Attraction.  And she’s amazing at it.  She’s practically a scholar in the Law of Attraction field and one of a small number of EFT Masters worldwide.

My one complaint:  I love a beautiful book layout, and to me, this book is lacking that.  The font is rather large.  It could be more pleasant to look at.

That said, the information contained is excellent. I use Carol’s Attracting Abundance advice every day.

Who shouldn’t buy it: If you’re averse to talking about the Law of Attraction, or flat out don’t believe it  – skip this.

Here’s the link to the Attracting Abundance with EFT E-Book and Audios. You can also order the paperback at Carol’s store.

Clearing Clutter with EFT

Clearing Clutter with EFT

Carol and Rick Wilkes combined talents to make this program.  It’s an audio download you can listen to on your computer or your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player.

It contains lots of information behind why we create clutter, hoard, collect stuff, why we procrastinate and put off cleaning, sorting and getting rid of stuff.

It also contains many tap along tapping sequences to help clear your need to create clutter, not finish things – all at the root.

I have this program and have listened and tapped to it from start to finish twice.  Certain tapping sequences directly addressed my issues with not wanting to do dishes or take care of my office inbox.

From using Clearing Clutter, I released some big blocks around cleaning up and keeping things organized.

I found the program entertaining and easy to listen to and tap along with (I listened in the car or while walking).  It was definitely worth the cost.

Who shouldn’t buy it: If you never procrastinate, don’t have any messes anywhere, always clean up your stuff with ease, have no piles, overflowing stacks, cluttered closets or drawers, full garages or attics and don’t mind sorting, cleaning and clearing – you don’t need this program!

Here’s the link to Clearing Clutter with EFT.

From Overwhelm to Clarity

From Overwhelm to Clarity

I have just bought this program and will be doing a review of it as soon as I finish listening, tapping and overcoming my overwhelm!

So far, here’s what I’ve noticed.

The production and audio quality are excellent –  the best Carol and Rick have produced yet.

The tap along sequences are spot on, helping me overcome the exact things I’m experiencing when overwhelmed.

I expect the product to be as great as all of Carol and Rick’s collaborations – and I’ll give you a full report soon.

Who shouldn’t buy it:  If you never feel overwhelmed and are in a continual state of calm and peace, I doubt you’d find this product helpful.

This downloadable audio series is for people who are stretching and growing and often find they have more ambition than time.  Or more demands than energy.  Here’s the link From Overwhelm to Clarity

Vibration of Abundance

Vibration of Abundance

The Vibration of Abundance is my current all-time favorite of Carol Look’s products.  Excuse me while I gush.

First, she introduces you to both EFT and the Law of Attraction – in a very no-nonsense (not New Age-y) way.

Then Carol systematically takes you through all the limiting beliefs that hold you back from living a life of abundance in every area: joy, love, health, financial wealth – abundance in every area of your life.

She explains, then leads you in tapping.

In addition, there are a number of full sessions with clients.  These are just great to listen to and tap along with.  You get to heal and clear while tapping.  And, if you’re an EFT practitioner, or aspire to become one, this is an excellent learning tool.

Who shouldn’t buy it: If you’ve already got all the abundance you could want – in every area of your life (wealth, relationship, joy, love, health) – you don’t need this program.

Here’s the link to Carol Look’s Abundance Store.

Pamela Bruner, Business Success Expert

EFT and Beyond I know Pamela from her videos and from an interview I did with her at an ACEP conference (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology).

I love Pamela’s work and approach.

Like Carol, Pamela’s found EFT to be a terrific tool for helping break the hold of limiting beliefs and emotions that are blocking your ability to create business abundance.

Who shouldn’t buy it: This is a real book – paperback and big.  I know, these things seem to be going out of style with the rise of eBooks.  So if you’d prefer to read on your computer, or print it out yourself – skip it.

More info about the EFT & Beyond Book.

Cuddly EFT Teddy Bear

Tappy Bear is a unique teddy bear.  He has little shiny black knobs at each of the tapping points.

This cuddly teddy bear is terrific to…

  • Introduce tapping to kids
  • Hand to a scared, grieving or teary adult
  • Tap on – getting some distance from the issue
  • Hold and squeeze
  • Use to demonstrate EFT to someone skeptical
  • Cuddle (he’s very soft)
  • Use for Inner Child work
  • Talk to
  • Give as a gift, along with the EFT Manual.

Click here to see TappyBear

Nick, Jessica and Alex Ortner

The Tapping Solution

The warm, loving and talented brother and sister team of Nick, Alex and Jessica Ortner are behind all the Tapping Solution products.

The Tapping Solution DVD (formerly called Try It On Everything).

Along with Gary Craig’s work, this movie rocked the EFT and personal growth world.

To read about what I liked and didn’t like about the DVD, see my review here: Tapping Solution DVD Review.

The Tapping Insiders Club

Nick, Jess and Alex have another product.  It’s called The Tapping Insiders Club.  This is a membership program that people can join for different amounts of time – the longer you join for, the lower the monthly cost.

Giving this as a gift is similar to giving someone a magazine subscription.

I’m about to review the Insiders Club.  I can tell you already I’ll like what I find – since I know the list of practitioners they have providing materials is an all-star cast.  What I don’t yet know is whether I’ll take the time and put in the effort to make it worth the price.

Who might want this? They’ve created an area of resources for both newbies to EFT and practitioners of EFT and everybody in between.  This would be a good tool for someone who spends a lot of time in the car, walking, exercising or listening to their iPod.  Also, anyone interested in personal growth or development could enjoy this.

Who should avoid this? Don’t give this to someone who hates listening to audios, because the resources here are primarily audios.  There’s nothing to hold onto here – it’s a virtual product.  So it’s great for someone like me, on the road and not wanting any more “stuff.”  But other folks might prefer a book or program with real CDs or DVDs.

I’ll let you know when I review The Tapping Insiders Club.

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