Mind Movies 2.1 Review – Why It Won’t Work

And What You Can Do to Make Your Mind Movie Work

What Are Mind Movies?

This Mind Movies 2.1 review explains what’s going wrong when Mind Movies don’t work for you.  And what you can do to remove the things blocking them from working. Mind Movies are an extremely powerful tool.  But, you must know how to use them – and how NOT to use them.

Your personal Mind Movie is an amazing tool to help you use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.  The Mind Movie making kit allows you to create your own personalized Law of Attraction movie, designed specifically to help YOU bring your dreams into reality.

You may be wondering if Law of Attraction activities really work, since you may have tried them before and were disappointed.

Why Don’t Law of Attraction Practices Work?

You may have seen the movie, The Secret.

You may have read books on the Law of Attraction or on manifestation.

And you may have been frustrated by your lack of success.

Practices like repeating positive affirmations, making vision boards and visualizing your dreams don’t always work because of a few simple reasons.

Top 3 Reasons Visualizations Don’t Work

1. Emotional Power: You don’t feel positive emotion while visualizing.

2. Time: You give up too soon.

3. Self Sabotage: You are sabotaging your dream with limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

This Mind Movies review will look at these three dream blockers one at a time.

You don’t feel positive emotion with your vision.

Emotion is a critical part of bringing any dream into reality because of the way the Law of Attraction works.

The Law of Attraction is a vibrational law.

And your vibration is made up of everything you do, say, think and feel.

Of those four things, feelings, or emotions are the most powerful in determining your vibration.

Let’s look at an example.  You have a dream of earning a million dollars.

What you do:  You look for opportunities that claim to promise earnings of a million dollars.

What you say: You repeatedly say to yourself and others, “I now have a million dollars in my bank account!”

What you think:  I am a millionaire.  I’m going to have a million dollars!

But you also think things like:  I don’t deserve  a million dollars. I’d have to work too hard to earn it. I’m not worthy of a million dollars. I don’t have the skill to earn a million dollars.  How can I ever earn a million dollars?

What you feel: Happy, optimistic, hopeful, excited, grateful

But you also feel: Hopeless and discouraged, resigned

In the case of your thoughts, you can probably see that your limiting beliefs strongly outweigh your positive beliefs.  And they probably feel stronger then the positive emotions when you’re experiencing them.

That alone would be enough to block your from earning a million dollars, or help you lose it on the way to the bank.

Mind Movies Review:  Are Mind Movies a Sham?

Not at all.  You just need to do the work to clean up your emotions and beliefs, so all of you is in positive alignment with your dreams.

This is often called congruence.

When your actions, thoughts, words and emotions are all moving in the positive direction toward your dream, it’s very likely to happen.  And Mind Movies 2.1 can strongly help that to happen.

What you need is an effective tool to combine with your Mind Movie, that will be effective at clearing your limiting beliefs and negative emotions around your dreams.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Tapping, is just the tool to do that.

How Do You Combine EFT with Mind Movies 2.1?

Before watching your Mind Movie (or maybe even before making it), you want to use EFT to tap away any resistance you are feeling.

Here is a generic script you can use to cover many common limiting beliefs.

If you’re new to EFT and need to learn the process, read this first post on the EFT Manual, or sign up for the free Video Course, which includes a printable EFT Manual.

How Does EFT Remove My Blocks?

When you tap the known EFT stress relief points while thinking and feeling your negative or limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings, these thoughts and feelings lose their emotional intensity.

You’ll discover, when you try this process, that tapping, while stating your limiting beliefs has the power of reducing your belief in them.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you believe you are not good enough to earn a million dollars.

You would tap the points repeating that statement, “I’m not good enough to earn a million dollars.”  Before you begin, you may totally believe that statement.  You believe you are not good enough.

After you tap one round of EFT repeating that statement (while really feeling the truth of it – you’ve got to feel it for EFT to work), then you test how strongly you believe it again.  You will likely not believe it so strongly now.

That’s the power of tapping.

It takes the negative emotional charge out of thoughts and memories.

When you remove the negative charge from your dreams and goals, it dramatically increases the chances that you’ll manifest them.

You’ve got to pull up the weeds before planting new seeds.

The following EFT script is intentionally generic, so it can work for as many of your potential blocks as possible.  To make it work even better for you, substitute some of your own limiting beliefs into the script.

For more starting help with EFT check out the EFT manual, or sign up for the free video course (up top).

MInd Movies 2.1, Karate Chop PointSet Up

In all the blanks below insert a short title for the dream you want to manifest in your life.

Tapping continuously on the karate chop point, say:

Even though I’ve never _______ (insert your dream), so I don’t know if I can do it, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I don’t feel worthy or deserving of succeeding at _______ (fill in your dream), I’m open to that changing.

Even though others might be jealous or resentful or judge or criticize me if I _______, I’d like to be open to doing it anyway.


MInd Movies 2.1, Tapping PointsTapping the Points

Eyebrow:  I haven’t ever _______.

Side of Eye::  I don’t know if I have the skill to ______.

Under Eye: I don’t have enough experience to ______.

Under Nose: I don’t have the willpower to _____.

Chin: I don’t have enough money to ______.

Collarbone: I don’t have the time to ____.

Under Arm: I don’t believe in myself enough to ______.

Top of Head: I don’t feel worthy of _______.

Eyebrow: It’s too hard to ________.

Side of Eye: I’m not good enough to ______.

Under Eye: It might not be safe to ________.

Under Nose: Others might be jealous of me if I _____.

Chin: Others might resent me if I _______.

Collarbone: They might criticize me when I ___.

Under Arm: I won’t know who I am if I ______.

Top of Head:  It’s just too scary to _____.

Take a deep breath.

Beginning to Dream Your Dream

Eyebrow: What if I could let this resistance go?

Side of Eye: What if I could let go of my need for other’s approval?

Under Eye: What if I could feel truly worthy?

Under Nose: What if I could feel safe, even when I _____?

Chin: What if I could be strong and confident no matter what others say?

Collarbone: I trust my impulse to ______?

Under Arm: I’m willing to allow myself to _____.

Top of Head: I love the thought of succeeding at ________.

Now, after tapping this set, watch your Mind Movies 2.1.  You will find a huge difference in how much you believe in the dream of the mind movie if you do this tapping first.

My Recommendation

Tap these quick rounds before you watch your Mind Movie – every time.

And, when you believe your dream more, and feel positive emotions while watching it, you will dramatically increase the probability of you dream coming true.


p.s. LOVE to hear your take on this Mind Movies review and the results you get using this method!

p.p.s. Click here to check out Mind Movies 2.1.

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