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8 Things to Do to Make Your Mind Movie Work

Most Mind Movies Reviews are going to simply look at the Mind Movies 2.1 product.  What they should be looking at is how well your Mind Movie actually works.  I’m going to take that one step further and show you how to MAKE SURE your personal Mind Movie will work for you.

Here are the essentials to make your Mind Movie work.

1. Limit each movie to a single goal

When your movie is all over the map – covering health, friends, romance, marriage, children, money, travel, fun, jobs – well it’s just too much.

The human brain can’t encompass that broad of a range all at once.  So instead of manifesting all of it, you’ll manifest none of it.

The solution?  Make one Mind Movie for each of your specific goals.

2. Work on one goal at a time.

When you attempt to manifest multiple goals at once, you can easily get overwhelmed and give up all together.

You can use Mind Movies 2.1 to make multiple Mind Movies at once, but use them one at a time, until each dream comes true.

3. Make your movies about goals you can accomplish in a month or two.

Even though you may have the dream to have a million dollars in the bank, I don’t recommend you make a Mind Movie on that goal unless you already have a pretty good start on that million dollar number.

I recommend you choose goals that you can accomplish in a month or two, so you can build your success from there, then move forward.

The positive momentum you’ll build from those successes will be much more powerful than if you create a Mind Movie that can’t be accomplished for a year or more.

4. Make your Mind Movies just on the outer edge of your comfort zone.

Let’s say you want to increase your income and you are currently earning $2000 per month.  Imagine earning more, in increments of $500 per month and until the amount makes you uncomfortable.

This is like wanting to take a super hot bath.  It the water is too hot, you won’t step in.

Same with your goal. If you see it as too steep a jump from where you are, you won’t even try.

Here’s a method you can use to find that sweet spot for your goal.

Imagine an income of $2500.  How does that feel?  Good?  You may think something like, “Yes, I’m comfortable earning that.”

Imagine earning $3000 per month.  How does that feel?  Still good?  You might think, “Sure, I deserve $3000 per month.”

Imagine your income increasing to $3500.  And it still feels ok.

Imagine earning $4000 per month.  How does that feel?  At $4000 per month, you might think something like, “I could never earn that much.”  Or, “I’m not worth that much money.”

Continue that way until you reach a number that makes you uncomfortable or causes an inner rebuttal.  That’s the number I suggest you make your movie about.  Or maybe just a little bit higher.  Your goal is double your current income, but it’s the first number that made you squirm.  You can overcome those blocks.

But if you go way higher than the number your body rejected, say to $6000 per month, it may be too difficult for you to overcome all the inner resistance to use your Mind Movie and remain positive.

You’re more likely to give up if your goal is too much of a stretch.

5. Clear your blocks before watching your Mind Movie

This is huge.  If you don’t clear your inner blocks before watching your Mind Movie, something inside you will be negating everything you see.  This might go something like this.

You see the part of your movie where it shows your income doubling.  Your mind says, “Yea right.  That’s never gonna happen.”  And you’ve negated all the good.

Here’s the thing to remember:  It doesn’t matter what positive stuff you see or read or even say.  If your thoughts and emotions are going in a negative direction, that’s the direction your manifestation will go.

My favorite method for clearing blocks is EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The quickest and easiest way to learn EFT is to check out the EFT Manual or sign up for the free EFT video course.

6. Love people who already have what you want

One way we often sabotage our success is by feeling jealousy, resentment or even anger towards those who have what we want.

Because of the way the Law of Attraction attracts what you’re giving out, here’s how it works when you resent those who have what you want.

You are drawing your dream toward you at the same time you’re pushing it away.  You have created an inner conflict.

And when you have that inner conflict, you’ll notice that the good things you are dreaming of are not happening for you.

Again, I love EFT for helping me get over resentment and bringing in appreciation.

7. Twice a day is not enough

Watching your movie morning and evening is wonderful.

But, if you’re in a crabby, irritable, negative state for the rest of the day, those negative vibes are a lot more powerful than the few minutes you’re spending visualizing every day.

Stay positive by being vigilant about any negative emotion or thoughts that spring up.  Consciously look for things to appreciate about others and things in your world.

A big part of positive or negative thinking is habit.

If you’ve gotten into a habit of stinkin’ thinkin’ (as Zig Zigler called it), you can also get out of that habit and into a habit of more positive thinking.

This is especially important during those times when you are not concentrating on a specific task and your brain has free range.

When driving, walking, doing dishes – these are great times to consciously think positively.

At those times, it can work really well to pick out anything in your current line of site.

Begin making a mental list of reasons you appreciate that thing.

If you’re driving, list things you appreciate about the street you’re on, the cars around you, your car.  If you’re at home, appreciate your furniture, your appliances, your comfortable and secure home.

This is a simple way to keep your personal vibration high and will greatly increase the likelihood of your Mind Movie dream manifesting.

8. Gratitude First

Carol Look, one of my heros in the EFT world, says “You can’t get rich if you feel poor.”

If that’s true, and I believe it is, how are you going to feel rich when you are in debt or just scraping by?

You do it by feeling gratitude for the things you do have. And that includes the people in your life, the beauty of nature, your body and health.

If you are alive, you have things to be grateful for.  I just took a short break from writing this to do a little test.

I set a stopwatch while I made a list of 10 things I’m grateful for.

Took me 2 minutes, 4 seconds.

So you can’t really complain that you don’t have the time!

OK, that’s my list of what I think Mind Movie review really should contain.

We know Mind Movies are terrific.  We know Mind Movies 2.1 will be the best yet.

What we need to know is how to make the absolute most of them.

That’s what I’ve attempted to do in this Mind Movies reviews article.  Hope I have!


p.s. To learn more about how you can create your own personal Mind Movie 2.1, click here.



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