Speak With Your Angels: 5 Ways to Feel Energized

How Contacting Your Angels Can Improve Your Life

Speak With Your AngelsIn this guest post by Tami Gulland of Angels for Success, you’ll learn five ways to increase your energy and get more done . . .

. . . including the advantage of learning to speak with your angels

Join Tami and Natalie in this live webinar: 4 Keys to Accessing Divine Guidance for Greater Energy and Ease  

Note from Tami Gulland:  

I went from feeling overworked, disconnected and unfulfilled . . . to feeling and receiving the support of my Angels and their guidance every day!

There was a time when my lack of spiritual connection created major challenges for me. Not only was I struggling with my health and job stress, I felt disconnected and depressed . . . until I began to listen to and follow the advice of my Angels.

I’ve been receiving ‘divine downloads’ from my Angels for years.

The truth is sometimes I can be stubborn. I figured I just needed to keep going and push through the challenges I was facing.  

But pretending things were ok and ignoring the guidance I was given cost me my health, time, energy and money. It also took a toll on my relationships.

Tami Gulland

I learned how to access and trust the Angelic Guidance I receive and now I even have the courage to follow it (most days!).

I want you to enjoy the same success and satisfaction by learning to speak with your angels . . . by receiving your authentic guidance from your Angels!

One of my greatest joys is helping others meet their Angels and Divine Team and build a personal relationship with them.  Contacting your angels can help you feel truly loved and supported as you move through life.  



*   *   *   

5 Steps to Reversing the Energy Drains and Exhaustion Plaguing Your Life

Exhausted WomanIn this world of technological advancement allowing us to be in touch every waking moment, humans are actually craving a deeper sense of real connection to other people, more meaning and to a Higher Power in their lives. 

With more iPhones being purchased every day than babies being born, there is a constant barrage of information, text messages, emails and phone calls to respond to.

Time seems to be speeding up.

Women, especially, feel the effects of this as they juggle the demands of family, work and personal lives. The Superwoman Syndrome is in full force if you seem to have more pulls on your attention, energy and time than ever before.

It’s no wonder you are drained and exhausted!

The good news is that there are some simple, yet profound ways to reverse the drains zapping your energy and enthusiasm for life. Here are some steps you can take today to plug the energy drains keeping your exhausted and disconnected:

Step 1:  Allocate 

Make a decision of how you will allocate your time and energy.

Technology comes with an on/off switch. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Create clear boundaries with your work, personal, family and electronics time.

Know that as you do, your energy will not feel so depleted and scattered. You will prioritize what is most important to you by what you spend time on and again, regain a foothold on your schedule.

Step Two:  Stop Multitasking

Stop the Energy Drain of Multitasking

When you split your focus, you divide and siphon off your energy.

As women, multitasking is often the most frequent mode of operation.

When you are multitasking it can be an automatic trigger for your nervous system to go into the fight or flight response. When this happens, adrenaline and cortisol course through your body as if you are in imminent physical danger.

This creates stress in and on your body and can greatly accelerate the aging process. It can also reinforce the belief in lack; lack of time, lack of energy and create a self-fulfilling cycle.

Instead, allow yourself to be present to the task or person in front of you.

Resolve to give your complete attention to it, him or her. That person may even be you.

When you are eating, working out, engaged in an activity or nourishing your soul, allow yourself and all of your senses to become part of it.

You will find each moment to become more meaningful, more pregnant with possibilities, more joyful.  For life is truly made up of individual moments.

These moments create your life.

If your journey isn’t fulfilling along the way, likely the destination you arrive at won’t be either.

Step Three:  Breathe

Begin to Breathe Easy

The first thing that often happens when you are under pressure or feeling overwhelmed is your breathing becomes shallow.

If you find yourself in a hurried state or operating at a frenzied pace, intentionally slow your breathing down.  Know with each breath it is actually an invitation to Source to fill, support and nourish you.

As you breathe in, you receive this Divine Support, which is always available, no matter where you are or what is happening around you.

Just as stress is always available to experience, so too, is peace.

By intentionally focusing on slowing your breathing down, you bring more oxygen to your brain, begin to reset your nervous system and invite in a new level and experience of peace. 

When your brain and nervous system reset, the world looks anew and new solutions arise in your awareness. You actually become more productive.

Step Four:  BS Alert

Recognize Your Inner BS

Do you have exceedingly high expectations for yourself and others?

This is the perfect set up for a draining and chronically dissatisfying existence. Begin to become aware of the Inner BS – the negative dialog in your mind – and question it.

You will find it is ungrounded in its truth and merit. Once you call it out by simply acknowledging it and not attaching to it as fact, it dissipates quickly.

Tapping is also a great tool for helping your release your Inner BS. 

Step Five:  Divine Support

Bring Your Empty Cup to Be Filled Up

The truth is you are never alone.

You have an entire Divine Support system working on your behalf.

You have a Divine Team, including Angels, Spirit Guides, Beings of Love and Source, to assist you every day in every way.

When you ask for and allow this support in your life, you get reliable answers for every aspect of your life. When you learn to speak with your angels, you’ll be able to approach your life with your cup overflowing and give generously and receive from this place.

This will positively change your life and the lives of those around you. Again reconnect with your heart, joy, inspiration and passion.

Ask your Angels and Divine Team to assist you.  For then your purpose will fuel you in making changes and taking inspired actions to create your most magnificent life.  A life of contribution, sustaining and satisfying you, while blessing the lives of many others.

*    *    *

Tami Gulland,  Spiritual Business Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Certified Medium, coaches high-achieving, spiritually-oriented professional women and entrepreneurs for success in their work, businesses and lives.

She teaches her clients how to tap into Divine Support to feel clear and empowered; as a result, able to make the right decisions and take the right actions for success in their work and everyday life. 

Tami has learned, both through her personal experience and in working with clients all over the world, when people listen to their Angels and Divine Guidance, they significantly reduce struggle and stress in health, relationships, business, and even with money.

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