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In this candid review of the Tapping Solution DVD, I share what I liked and didn’t like about the video.  There are some excellent reasons to watch this, but one warning.

You can purchase the DVD and the book separately or as a set

I’ve now watched this Tapping Solution movie four times, so I thought I’d review it.  You may know this movie by its former name, Try It On Everything.


The movie is full length and chronicles a piece of the lives of ten people. You first meet them in their homes, where they introduce you to their lives and difficulties.

Here are some of their issues:

  • Woman with cancer.
  • Young mother addicted to drugs.
  • Grieving husband. Wife killed in a car accident – he was the driver.
  • Older man with PTSD for decades, damaging his family relationships. Chronic back pain.
  • Overweight woman with insatiable cravings for pastries.
  • Middle aged woman with debilitating fibromyalgia. Knee pain prevented taking walks.

The group spent four days at a retreat center, doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  A group of experts were brought in to lead them in tapping.

They did a combination of whole group tapping, often tapping along with one person’s issues.  And they did private tapping sessions – some filmed, some not.

Tapping Solution Movie Trailer

Then six months later, follow-ups were filmed.  I don’t want to be a spoiler, so that’s all I’ll say about that. (Except that the follow-ups are so good I actually bought my second copy of this movie just to see them!)

In between the footage – before, during and after the tapping retreat, various experts are interviewed.  You’ll likely recognize many of them – Jack Canfield, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Bob Proctor, Dr. Patricia Carrington, Bob Doyle, Bruce Lipton, Joe Vitale, Dr. Norman Shealy, Brad Yates, Fred Gallo, Dawson Church, Carol Tuttle, David Rourke.

The Ortners were brand new at film-making when they did this project. They pulled in an amazing group of experts.

It’s an impressive line-up.

What I Liked

About the Film

Talk about inspirational.  If I had any doubts about the effectiveness of EFT before this movie, watching it erased them all. I was amazed that two of the attendees with serious pain became pain-free during the 4-day retreat.

It was healing for me.  I tapped along and smiled and laughed and cried as I watched the movie.  The transformation of the 10 individuals was so obvious, it was unmistakable.  And the follow-up was heartening.  It gave me hope and faith that anyone can heal from anything.

I picked up tapping tips.  As an EFT professional, I learned a lot.  The sessions were very skillfully led.  I wished I could have seen every minute of it!

Entertaining.  The movie was just a pleasure to watch (several times, in fact!).  The pain, the joy, the hurt, the healing.  It was real and I was riveted.

Well done.  How these guys dreamed up and figured out how to make a full-length film, with zero previous experience, is awesome.  That alone is inspiring.  Even more awesome is that they did such an amazing job and created a high quality product.

What I Didn’t Like About the Film

There was one point in the film where a man was doing EFT on his huge trauma, and he shouted, “Oh my God!”  It was loud and frightening to me.  I wish they’d lowered the volume of that shout.

The good news is, well two things…

One:  We have the tool of EFT and I quickly tapped my fear and shock back to calm – I was already tapping along with the film.  You can do the same.

Two:  When you watch the movie again, on your own, or to introduce a friend, you can both be prepared for the shout.  Either tap pro-actively, or turn the volume down at that point.

From the Tapping Solution website

Who Is This Movie For

I honestly think that anyone who is serious about learning EFT would want to have this film in their library.  It’s inspiring and motivating and leaves you knowing EFT works and can work for a wide variety of physical and emotional difficulties.

If you want to introduce EFT to a friend or relative, this movie is an easy way to do it.

If you’re a practitioner, it’s an invaluable tool.  I’ve loaned the movie out to numerous clients and the result has always been the same.  They bring it back beaming and full of enthusiasm for, and confidence in, the power of EFT.

I’ve also loaned multiple copies at the end of workshops I’ve given.  It’s really a perfect follow-up to an introductory workshop.   The movie convinces people of the power and effectiveness of EFT in a way words alone can’t do.

Who Is It Not For

If you don’t think you’ll ever do EFT I wouldn’t recommend you buy the movie.  Or you’re not interested in your own healing and transformation, I’d skip it.  EFT is best suited for people who want to heal and awaken to their true potential.  If that’s not you, I doubt this movie will be either.

If you’d like to investigate this film further or order it, here’s the link The Tapping Solution DVD. If you do watch the film, please come back and leave a comment about it here!


The Tapping Solution

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