If you’re a woman entrepreneur . . .

. . . You’re in the right place!

There has NEVER been a better time to be create your own entrepreneurial business.

And when you do, every time you grow your business you grow spiritually.  When you claim your innate brilliance and step into the powerful woman you were born to be . . . that changes lives (including your own).

And as you make more money, you make a bigger difference . . . for your clients, for your family and in your community.

What if you knew it was within your power to create a business that transforms others’ lives while bringing you financial security, joy and fulfillment . . .

Are you ready to claim your power to create a business that pays you generously as you bring your innate brilliance to the world?

What if YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS are exactly what your ideal clients most want and need?

I’m a transformational business coach located in Tucon, AZ, specializing in helping women entrepreneurs get paid what they’re worth. And I’d LOVE to help you get clear on your lovable client and lucrative niche, create your unique profitable program, master the sacred selling conversation, get seen and heard . . . and create the financial success that is your birthright.


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Sneak Peek of the Tap Into Money World Summit #2

Tap Into Money World Summit Trailblazers Trek - #2! The "Official" Tap Into Money World Summit starts on May 1, at 9am Pacific with full-length interviews of each of 15 experts in the fields of spiritual business and money. In today's sneak peek, meet Lori Leyden, creator of Project Light. Lori ... read on
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I Thought I Wasn't Worthy

And I Could Have Sabotaged My Dream My personal business coach kept telling me I needed to do something big. Like host a telesummit. I was dragging my feet. Procrastinating. Not committing. For MONTHS. I had amnesia.  “What was it she wanted me to do?  Hmmmm. Can’t quite remember . . . ... read on
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Tapping World Summit Ticket

To get your ticket for the Tapping World Summit, visit this page.  ... read on
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Fear of Shining Tapping Video for Entrepreneurs

When your Big Dreams are wiped out by your Big Fears It hits this time of year - New Years. We've been dreaming up all these big dreams. Getting exited and enthused and inspired with the sheer brilliance of our dreams. Then January 1 hits, or January 6 in my case . . . and the fear hits. H ... read on
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Fear of Growing Your Business to the Next Level Tapping Script

(Want to listen as you tap along to this Fear of Growing Your Business to the Next Level Tapping Script?)   Click here to download the audio.   (Curious about this strange photo of me?  I was doing an activity from Brene Brown's Daring Greatly online course with Oprah. ... read on
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Can't Get a Darn Thing Done? Quick Mind Body Productivity Tricks

Are You Stuck?  Blocked?  Feeling Resistant to Getting to Work? Don't worry.  We all get like that sometimes. Actually, I feel like a PROFESSIONAL at feeling resistance.  At being stuck and not being able to get to work. But . . . there's also a part of me that DRIVES me to work.  My Driven, ... read on
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Healthy Sweet with Stevia Pumpkin Pie Custard

After I told my readers I was making sweet holiday treats - sweetening them with stevia, instead of sugar, I got lots of requests for my recipes.  So here's one I adapted. Healthy Sweet with Stevia Pumpkin Pie Custard Ingredients 1 can (15 ounce) pure organic pumpkin ½ cup milk (I recommen ... read on
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How to End Anxiety

Could Have Drowned In Anxiety - How I Survived Thrived Instead I know it's a big promise - how to end anxiety. But here's how it happened for me. And I think this can work for you too. On all counts, I was doing great. I had a “full practice” of Diamond business coaching clients. My clients w ... read on
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The Great Entrepreneur Hoax

3 Ways to SLOW Your Business Growth (and How to Speed It Up Instead!) What's your dream as an entrepreneur? Is it to . . . make money while you sleep? help people with the experience and expertise you've gained from your life experience? help people transform their lives? bec ... read on
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These Are NOT MY Shoes

Growing as an Entrepreneur A couple weeks ago, I went up to Massachusetts to Kripalu to a workshop in Internal Family Systems, a transformational technique I use with myself and with my private clients.  When I came out the sacred chanting event in the evening of my 3rd day at Kripalu, my shoes ... read on
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Clueless in Thailand

Learning About Papaya Salad in Chiang Mai In 2010 and 2011, I lived for 8 months in Thailand. I lived in Chiang Mai, Ao Nang and 2 different places on the island of Phuket. I made the video below after only a couple of weeks of living in Thailand, when I was completely clueless about Thai Pa ... read on